Anubhav Mittal Must be Present in the Court Tomorrow for the Decision


In the last hearing, which was held on 4 March 2017, Directorate of Enforcement presented Anubhav Mittal in front of the court as the remand time for keeping Mittal under ED team for digging in to the case was over.

Mittal was still kept in the custody but till then almost all the team like STF, IT-dept, ED-Team were done with him.

He had been given next hearing date of 18 march 2017 after the trial on 4 march.


Hence Mittal is to be presented in the court for hearing tomorrow i.e on 18 march and it is expected that the court will take the decision by tomorrow and the final order will be confirmed by the end of day.

But having said that, new thing has come in to notice that some people has been asking to deposit some money in Anubhav Mittal brother’s account so that they could fight back against the charges on Mittal. Mittal family is left with no money as their accounts has been seized by the police and they don’t have enough money in order to fight back the case.

What is to be done next, you guys can decide yourself as people are already suffering from the case on Anubhav Mittal.

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