Anubhav Mittal is Getting VVIP Treatment in Police Custody: Busted

Anubhav Mittal getting VVIP Treatment

Anubhav Mittal, famous personality from the scam of 3700 Crores in 2017 was held and kept in the jail when one of the investors complained against him and his company Social Trade/Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The case is continuously being heard in Gautam Buddh Nagar District court, Faridabad District court and Lucknow District Court, but has not yet been concluded in last 2 years.

A recent video on the internet showed how these powerful people play with the law and order of the country by keeping corrupt police and Politicians in their pocket.

Anubhav Mittal was cited having fun, well dressed at the Cleo County Restaurant at Sector 121, Noida, Uttar Pradesh yesterday i.e on Monday 10-June-2019 noon along with few other people and 6 police officials. Mittal in the video nowhere looked like a accused person who is in the jail from last 2 years.

According to the sources, Mittal was taken to the club after the hearing held on Monday at Faridabad District court and it is also told that his wife Ayushi Agarwal who was also held in the same charge as she was the partner in the company was taken to the beauty parlor after the hearing by the Police officials.

Sources also mentioned that Police officials who were found with Mittal were threatening the individual who was making the video to stop it which also shows, how Police officials use their power in the wrong way after they are caught doing wrong.

Later those Police officials were seen begging for mercy with the people and asking them not to post the video. Anubhav Mittal on the other hand was seen tension-free and standing in front of people without replying to anyone’s questions.

Those six Police Officials were suspended after the video has gone viral over the internet and among which there are 4 Male and 2 Female Police Officials.

People who found Mittal in the open left nothing to tell him and Mittal, on the other hand, looked afraid and couldn’t answer their questions.

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Anubhav Mittal

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Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Uttar Pradesh Government says, “Everything’s under control and law & Order will be in the fast forward mode if BJP government forms” and the result is in from of us all. There’s been no productivity in the decision making of the case and people are still suffering from the loans and Mortgages and due to support of such Police Officials and Corrupt Politicians in power, Law & order of the country is in the dustbin.

Well, this is not a new thing in India to provide VVIP treatment to the Scammers like Mittal but the question is where’s the “Achhe din” in all these?

Watch Full Video Here:

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