Anubhav Mittal is Almost in The Safe Hands & Could Be Released Soon

Anubhav Mittal

In our last post, you must have seen that someone has applied for Anubhav Mittal’s bail which included the charges under the sections 406, 420, 467, 468, 471, 120B and there are lot’s of bail applications for the supporters of Scial Trade and Anubhav Mittal. You can read the previous article here.

Now the appearance of Anubhav Mittal in the Lucknow court is on 18th of February 2017 and it seems that none of the charges which were on Anubhav Mittal got any response or any proof that could make him guilty till now and hence Mittal has been called for the hearing on 18th of February under the section CrPC 267. You can view the same in the image below and We will explain about the charges below:


In the Image above you can see the online schedule of the hearing that is to be happened on 18th Feb 2017 and in which Anubhav Mittal’s name has been displayed for the hearing with his Personal Residence at Ghaziabad and the Petitioner and Advocate is from the Directorate of Enforcement Sub Zonal Office, Lucknow which is also called as ED generally.

You can clearly see Section 267 which is the Act of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), which is a general criminal act to call the opponent in the courtroom for question and answer sessions. You can read the Act in detail below:

CrPC 267: Section 267 of the Criminal Procedure Code

Power to require the attendance of prisoners

    1. Wherever, in the course of an inquiry, trial or another proceeding under this Code, it appears to a Criminal Court.
      1. that a person confined or detained in a prison should be brought before the Court for answering to a charge of an offense, or for the purpose of any proceedings against him, or
      2. that it is necessary for the ends of justice to examine such person as a witness,
        the Court may make an order requiring the officer in charge of the prison to produce such person before the Court for answering to the charge or for the purpose of such proceeding or as the case may be, for giving evidence.
    1. Where an order under Sub-Section (1) is made by a Magistrate of the second class, it shall not be forwarded to or acted upon by the officer in charge of the prison unless it is countersigned by the Chief Judicial Magistrate to whom such Magistrate is subordinate.
  1. Every order submitted for countersigning under Sub-Section (2) shall be accompanied by a statement of the facts which, in the opinion of the Magistrate, render the order necessary, and the Chief Judicial Magistrate to whom it is submitted may, after considering such statement, decline to countersign the order.

Now the entire story Conclusion:

From the story above, all we can sum up is, till now there has nothing in the plate of Ed or STF of any legal forums which could prove Anubhav Mittal or Social Trade Guilt and get punished for being the Culprit.

Rather it could be one big revolution for our country India as there is no regulatory body to handle such companies and cases in our country till now and this could be a reason Government should take their vision towards it and settle some regulatory board in order to get such business running smoothly and keep supporting Digital India.

Let’s Wait and Watch what happens tomorrow.

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