Anubhav Mittal’s Criminal Revision Hearing Proceeds to Prove the Allegations on him Wrong

Anubhav Mittal 10 May

Anubhav Mittal has any how managed to file a case against the criminal revision to prove the allegations wrong on him. Read Full Story Here.

People might be in dilemma, whether or not will they get their invested money back from the company (Ablaze Info Solutions), but here Mittal is try to get out of this mess taking every chance available for him and this time he’s taking legitimate steps.

As STF are still in search of many solid evidences in order to prove the allegation on Mittal true, Mittal is filing another case which should get him free of all the allegations and the petition was filed on 9 May 2017, But if his case has nothing reasonable or if the criminal Revision case filed by Mittal has nothing solid and was file only to divert the court’s mind than, they might not have got another hearing date after one hearing under Additional District & Session Judge of Gautam Budh Nagar.

Anubhav Mittal 10 May


Next Hearing date for the case filed against the criminal allegations of Anubhav Mittal will proceed on 17 May 2017.




If there is any possibility to prove allegations wrong that were made on Mittal, than this is the best opportunity to prove the same and re-gain the trust of the investors of the company. Also if this case continues further after 17 may, it could possibly have some chance to bounce back and Anubhav Mittal can retain the safe zone for himself.

We would again take the opportunity to wish Best Wishes to all of them but may the truth win.

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  1. Respected Anubhav ji i am simple middle-class man I can’t understand this rules and regulations and mess of all acts. I just blindly trust on social trade and invest my money i hope that court will be wrong. I pray everyday for you will be free and my money get back as early as possible. My all best wishes with you. thanking you. With Regards.

  2. Sir i don’t know exactly wats going on regarding social trade case , as it depicted that Anubhav Ji has filed a case so it seems that Anubhav Ji is trying to recover his position and also want to win the heart of investors .
    I believe that it’s not a scam but govt should try to find a way that somehow common people should get their money back asap .
    Because so many humours are there in the mind of people .
    Lastly I want to pray to god that truth must win and will come in front of people

  3. I am going to suside ,last 6 month,i am very disappointed,still I didn’t get single rupee,i put 3 account,pls any help me

    • Hi Shanmugam,

      Every Problem has a solution. If you have lost money, so did many investors. Right now, All you can do is either wait for case to get over or You can for get this even and move ahead in your life. You see it’s not the end of your life, you can work on other things and take this event as an experience.

      Don’t talk about these cheap suicide and other things, your life is so much important than money. Kindly act smart and move ahead in your life. All the best.


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