Anubhav Mittal Case: Plea Continues between ED Team & Social Trade Team


Anubhav Mittal’s case is getting heat again as the accused Mittal is DIRECTORATE OF ENFORCEMENT SUB ZONAL OFFICE LUCKNOW started putting forward the evidences they have against Mittal and Social Trade in the court. Hearing held yesterday i.e on 27 April has given a new agendas in the Mittal’s case and heat between the ED team and Social Trade team has evolved again.

It was quite uncertain before yesterday’s hearing, what will happen to the case, because non of the hearing held any plea and investors were very frustrated about it. But after a while from yesterday’s hearing, it has been cleared by the court that this case will have to have some plea done in order to have some solid evidences against the accused Mittal or else the bail application should be accepted.

Provided that, Bail application for Mittal was disposed by the Lucknow court many times and right now the court was unable to pass any bail application as the Father and Wife of Anubhav Mittal were also found guilty. Father has been arrested whereas the wife is still untraceable.

28-April-result 28-April

From Today’s hearing, court couldn’t reach to any particular decision because the evidences given by both the parties are not yet enough to prove the scam. However there were few points which were highlighted in the court by ED which could get Social Trade in trap. Still MLM is illegal in India and the company followed Ponzi scheme to circulate the money in India which is again against the law. There are many other technical points which were discussed.

We will list all the evidences provided by both the parties once we get it confirmed from our sources.

For now, the plea will continue tomorrow i.e on 29th April in Lucknow court and hopefully we could see other solid evidences asap.

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  1. Hello edunia team .. why you people didn’t post anything about Anubhav Mittal hearing which was held yesterday . ?? He got bail from ED department itseems .. you no updates from your team ???


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