Anubhav Mittal, An Opportunist/Fraud Or A Supporter of Digital India?

Anubhav Mittal

Anubhav Mittal, a 26-year-old B-tech graduate, who has allegedly duped more than 6 lakh people through his company Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, was arrested on 1st Feb 2017 by the STF (Special Task Force), UP. According to the STF, the 26-year-old was running a ponzi scheme and through which he created a fraud of Rs. 3700 crore. STF has charged the owner of Ablaze Info under section 406 and 420 of IPC. So far the charges under section 406 (criminal breach of trust) and 420 (Cheating) are not proved and it seems that these charges are not even legible as the company has not committed any breach of trust as all the transactions were made online through NEFT payment, hence no scope of black money or defrauding the people. Trust can also be seen in the form of support from the people who have invested money in the company and who the STF claims are defrauded. And as far as section 420 is concerned no offense of cheating is made in this case. Few acclaimed sources have also told that it is all a political play and the person who filed FIR against the Anubhav Mittal has taken back his FIR, but since the matter is in court now, nothing can be done.

3W Digital

The company which is registered in Noida sector 63 has been operating since 2010 and so far the company has complied with all the rules and procedures of the law and all the taxes are also paid by the company. Even the company started its own e-commerce portal “Intmaart” which was promoted by the Bollywood stars, Sunny Leone and Amisha Patel. Overall, we can only say that the Company is not dubious as it follows all the procedure and so far no charges are proved against the owner Anubhav Mittal.


The news is not over yet as this alleged fraud has taken the shape of revolution in the support of Anubhav Mittal. According to the sources, there is going to be a big peaceful Dharna in the support of the 26-year-old at Jantar Mantar on 5th Feb 2017. People from all over the country who have invested in the Ablaze Info Pvt Ltd are gathering for the support of Anubhav Mittal and to show agitation against the arrest by the UP Government.  Let’s see, how this supposed scam is going to turn out with the government on one side with not much strong case and Janta on the other side with its support for Anubhav Mittal (and also for its clogged investment).

People are following this link to sign the online Petition for the Release of Anubhav Mittal
CHANGE.ORG petition


Using this link to directly add Individuals to the Whatsapp group.
Chalo Jantar Mantar

Let’s See what happens tomorrow. You guys can Post your comments below..
Hope for the best, May the Truth Wins..


  1. Dear Mr. Prime Minister, we are in total support of the Digital India drive initiated by you and feel that India can grow by leaps and bounds through it
    Mr. Anubhav Mittal, the owner of Ablaze Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a registered company based at sector 63 in Noida and having all legal documents in place, has been running a similar “Digital Drive” by creating a platform of online work to people through a work from home opportunity. This opportunity has provided a source of income to many people especially housewives and the less educated for whom getting a highly paid full-time job is very challenging. I have heard that a few trans- gender, and household helpers too have benefited from this. Lives of these part-time employees improved dramatically since the inception of the company in 2015.
    Since the past two days, Mr. Anubhav Mittal has been questioned by Noida police and all work has come to a stand still as it is being termed as a big scam.
    We request you, Mr. Prime Minister, to have a look into this matter and settle it in the right way.
    Closing down of this platform will cause a big financial loss to 7,00,000 families and the very essence of “Digital India” would be lost as people would lose faith in doing anything online.
    Hoping that you will look into this matter and help lakhs of people retain their source of income.

  2. Sir 1% we think that social trade is froud company . But 2nd view is that SOCIAL TRADE give big icon to remove unemployment & poorty in India . If government review the matter of social trade . SOCIAL TRADE give huge amount revanew of govt.up like service Tex, income tax, & other social activities like donet to Indian army.I request again if SOCIAL TRADE is enlegal company as per govt. Body then we say only give the new guidelines & restart the company this is hope of lot of people who join social trade . This is a humble request the PM of India , & Judecere of India please give a guidline to restart the company.Regards- Ak pandit


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