All you need to know about the new coronavirus

Around the end of December, a new virus outbreak was reported from Wuhan, China. The virus had pneumonia-like symptoms and was spreading quickly. Upon further check up’s it was confirmed to be the coronavirus. While the virus was spotted in more than one country, a major outbreak is in China with more than a hundred people being infected with the virus. While the numbers seem to be on arising, claiming some life’s too, the health officials are on high alert working to find a quick cure and stop it from spreading. They recommend the citizens to be in the loop and look out for symptoms, prevention and spreading of the virus and be on alert. Here is all that you might need to know about coronavirus and beware of it.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that cause respiratory illness varying from the common cold to bronchitis. This virus is most commonly found in the animal world and only a handful has been known to infect humans. Severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome(MERS) are the two diseases that were previously caused by a coronavirus. The original host for these viruses is bats and snakes. The previous two cases of the virus outbreak were caused by them. However, tracing the infection that is spread currently, health officials are not so sure about the origin, even though the virus infected people at the seafood market first.

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What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus?

The symptoms of the new coronavirus are very similar to that of pneumonia. The infected person would be having difficulty breathing along with fever and cough. There have been several cases of organ failure as well. Since it is a viral infection, antibiotics are of not much use. There has not been any specific treatment to treat coronavirus. Rest and medication to relieve the medications are highly recommended. A person’s recovery is based on their immune health system and the causes of death reported until now has been due to the lack of it. If you find yourself having these symptoms and are from the country or have been in contact with someone infected with the virus, it is best advised you to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

How is the virus spread from people to people?

While the primary mode of transmission of the virus has been from animal to humans, once it affects humans, spreading of virus from people to people are also wide. The coronavirus spreads among humans through

  • Air (virus particles while sneezing and coughing)
  • Personal contact (shaking hands, kissing, touching)

In some cases, the virus transmits even from objects in which the virus particles were present due to a contaminated person’s contact with it. The virus also spreads due to rare fecal contamination.

Where did the virus originate from?

While the health officials are not sure yet, the first cases of the new coronavirus were seen in people who visited the local seafood and animal market. The researchers have sequenced the genes and compared to the other animals, arriving at a possible conclusion that there are high chances it came from snakes. However, health officials are not sure about what kind of snakes and are still working on confirming the origins of the virus.

How did it spread to humans?

The reports have not yet confirmed how dangerous the 2019-nCoV can be. In fact, the details about the origin of the virus are also not yet confirmed and are still under study. Currently, there is a 3% mortality rate taking in the data from the reported cases. However, the virus seems to be spreading at a fast-paced rate and even though cases have not yet been reported, there can be people who have the virus-infected but hasn’t yet shown the symptoms to consult a doctor. For influenza, the mortality rate is 1% and has proper treatments. With the new virus, everything still remains in question marks and is still unclear on how dangerous the virus can be.

What protection should be taken?

Currently, Wuhan is under high protection and all transportation has been shut down in the city starting from January 22nd. If you are in China or traveling to China then make sure, you avoid contact with sick people. Avoiding animal meat would also be a good precaution. Further, make sure to carry hand sanitizers and wash hands from time to time. If you carry the virus, it is better to isolate yourself with minimal human contact. A mask needs to be worn at all times and hands need to be washed to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. Those who take care of the patient will also need to take precautions by wearing gloves and masks while communicating with them.

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What is being done to stop the virus from spreading?

Currently, the Chinese government has the city of Wuhan under lockdown preventing any transportation to and from the city. Further 12 other nearby cities are also in a partial lockdown with minimal transportation. This has affected almost 35 million people. Further, airports in major countries like the US, Uk and neighbouring countries like India conduct a screening to ensure that the virus has not affected the incoming passengers. Travelling to China has also been under strict restrictions.

Is there a need to panic?

Currently, China has it under control and the need for panic has still not risen. While the virus has spread outside the country, no major developments have been reported. The world health organization is also evaluating the scenario and until now no major outbreak has been reported other than in China. The concern currently is about how transmittable the new virus is and the proportion at which people are falling sick. Health workers who are dealing with patients, especially persons who have travelled to the specific regions might be at risk. However, with researchers and health workers equally working to find a solution and bring the epidemic under control, it is still safe.

People who have traveled to Wuhan or nearby countries, if you see yourself with the symptoms in less than two weeks, it is best advised to get medical attention as soon as possible.

What is happening With Corona?

Now, Coronavirus has spread to 22 countries, including Australia, Germany, and the United States. The US State Department has asked its citizens not to travel to China.

In China, more than 260 deaths have been reported so far.

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About 12,000 cases have been reported in 22 countries. China has yet not been able to control the spread of this virus. It has taken steps to control the movement of millions of citizens living near the center of the outbreak.

It is suspected that this deadly virus has an incubation period of two weeks before the victims start to show any signs of illness. This raises the concern that people who have visited the site of the outbreak may be carrying this virus.

Here are some of the latest updates in this case:

Russia has sent its aircraft to evacuate its citizens from China

The Russian air force has started evacuating its citizens from today. Dmitry Peskov told the reporters that the evacuation would take place from the regions most affected by the outbreak.

India has already started this evacuation process.

WHO warns for local outbreaks

WHO has asked governments to prepare themselves for “domestic outbreak control”, in case the disease spreads to their countries.

WHO said it was more concerned because the disease spread through human-to-human interaction.

“Countries need to get ready for possible importation to identify cases as early as possible and to be ready for domestic outbreak control if that happens,” said Galea.

China is going to exempt taxes on import of virus control products

The finance minister of China said that they are going to exempt taxes on the import of products related to virus control.

Materials that can be used to control virus spread will not be taxed from January 1 to March 31, the finance ministry posted on their website.

China asks the Europian Union for help

China has asked the EU for help in this virus outbreak, according to the statement published on its official website.

Von Der Leyen has said that the EU is ready to help to the best of its ability. They are ready to use all their resources to control this virus outbreak. They have also asked their member nations for help.

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104 Indians have been evacuated from China

About 104 Indians have been evacuated from China and they have been admitted to the ITBP facility in New Delhi. All of them were evacuated from Wuhan, the center of this virus outbreak.

A total of 324 citizens landed in New Delhi this morning. 10 men, 88 women, and 6 children are kept under special treatment in South-West Delhi.

All the citizens were screened in IGI Airport and now the second round of screening is conducted at Chhawla facility.

 Apple is shutting down its stores in mainland China

The death toll has almost doubled this week. This has made Apple shut down all its stores in mainland China until 9th February.

Apple in its official website posted that it is going to temporarily close all its stores “due to recent public health and prevention concerns”.

Australia has restricted entry of foreign nationals from China

 The Prime Minister of Australia in its statement told that it is going to bar the entry of all foreign nationals traveling from mainland China from today. 

He also said that his government is advising people not to visit China for a few months. He said that they are operating with a lot of caution in this distressing moment.

These restrictions came just hours after the United States announced that it will curb the entry of all foreign nationals who are coming from China.

How Corona Virus in China helps them meet Health Bodies?

Coronaviruses spread in China have cost hundreds of lives and are continuing its mission of exploiting other countries too. Coronaviruses’ victims are seen in the United States, Japan, Malaysia, and many other developing countries too. However, China has faced a terrible outbreak of this deadly disease.  Many states in China are a hub for these viruses whose effect have caused more than 700 peoples dead. However, developed countries like China would have a good financial setup and healthcare backups in such conditions, yet there has arisen a situation where China asks for a global help from healthcare bodies all around the world. This novel Coronavirus has no effective medicines to put up a fight.

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Many foreign citizens in China are being evacuated in large numbers due to the outbreak of coronaviruses and alarming death rates. The World Health Organization [WHO] is actively working on preventive and curative measures to eliminate the threat of these viruses on the human population. WHO is working with private healthcare organizations, governments, and its partners to effectively treat the patients affected with coronavirus. Also, they collected data from various countries and derived insights to provide advice to many countries. However, with the exponential spread of this virus, WHO has accelerated research activities on coronaviruses.

Corona Virus Reaction in other countries

Many global reactions have come against China. The Maldives bans the entry of Chinese travellers. Hong Kong healthcare workers to demand the same. France evacuates 36 peoples showing symptoms of this virus. With the rapid spread of corona, hospitals have become busy. Also, there is a huge loss of money leading China to ask for healthcare products globally from other countries. China urgently requires medical masks, protective suits, and safety goggles. These are manufactures in China itself yet their factories being shut-down due to the virus attack, China can manufacture only 20 million masks a day. However, due to panic of the spread of coronaviruses, people buy at least require 1.4 billion masks. Also, many frontlines and senior medical personnel have reported a shortage of equipment. To this query, countries like South Korea, Kazakhstan, Japan, and Hungary has donated medical supplies to China.

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Not only in China, but coronaviruses has also shown its worth by invading countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and many more countries. It is noted that Mainland China has the highest victims of coronavirus. This has lead to a global outbreak and a healthcare alert for all countries. With no work taking place in China, many industries are closed for a long period of time. This has lead to a loss in the global market. Thus, this has lead to many developed countries, private healthcare agencies, and organizations to go out and find out the best solution for cure and diagnosis.

Impact of the Virus

The Coronavirus will surely have a dreadful impact on the global economy. It has been predicted that it would be worse than the SARS spread in 2003. Since, SARS breakout, China has grown to be the world’s second-largest economy. To fight coronaviruses from causing further damages to patient’s life and global economy, the International Committee has launched US$675 million preparedness and response plan. It is also planned for developing and under-developed countries with weaker healthcare systems. The Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (SPRP) for the deadly life-threatening coronavirus includes activities and resources that should be followed by international health organizations globally, including WHO, to effectively implement preventive measures in countries with weaker healthcare systems. This strategy is backed up by its prime objective of preventing human to human and animal to human transmission of viruses. They also designed ideas to prevent this virus from spreading to other vulnerable countries. Also, knowing the disastrous capacity of the virus, many healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are developing medicines and preventive measures for the coronavirus.

This coronavirus outbreak in China has made many world health bodies to meet and work collectively for the welfare of society. This virus will be surely remembered by mankind for decades as it has caused an irreparable loss of lives and properties. Still with rapid improvements in technology no medicines have been developed for this virus. With over 25,000 people being affected all over the world till February 5, coronavirus has caused a reign of terror in almost all peoples around the world.