All you need to know about the great “Nesamani”

If you are a consistent twitter fanatic, then the name “Nesamani” is supposed to ring a bell. And here is all you need to know about Contractor Nesamani.

The film “Friends” was directed by Siddique, one of the prominent directors in Kollywood and Mollywood. The film was a remake of the Malayalam version and turned out to be a boom back in 2001. The film had a star cast that included, Ilayathalapathy Vijay, Suriya and the humorous Vadivelu. The film circles around the lives of three friends in a humorous perspective.

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The fictional character, “Contractor Nesamani” played by Vadivelu received enormous applauds. The movie includes a subplot where the friends (Suriya and Vijay) join as an apprentice under Nesamani. They are given jobs under the recommendation of Krishnamoorthy, who is the third friend and also the Nephew of Nesamani. The story then moves towards scenes, where the Nesamani and his team undertake a painting contract in one of the palaces in the vicinity.

The apprentices being new to work, create a lot of troubles to the poor contractor. The scenes that included the contractor and labourers added a wow factor to this movie.

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One such scene in this subplot is the reason why Nesamani is a hit-man recently. Contractor Nesamani tries to extract work from his employees by constantly yelling at them in a harsh tone. He once Krishnamoorthy to remove the nails on the ceiling of the palace. Krishnamoorthy with no other option left climbs up the stairs and starts pulling out the nails with a hammer. Nesamani stays on the ground floor, giving commands to the other two friends to work. This is when the mishap occurs. Krishnamoorthy loses grip over the hammer in his hand, that falls right on the head of Contractor Nesamani. Following this Nesamani falls on the floor and goes unconscious.

This trail of scenes has remained ever-green in the minds of Tamil cinema fanatics. One such fan had left a comment under the picture of a hammer posted on one of the meme pages. The comment described in the rueful situation that occurred to Nesamani. This initiated the chain of events, where people from all over the world, randomly related memes and posts to the hashtag, #PrayforNesamani. It turned out to be so powerful, that it was the top trending on Twitter that week. Several celebrities also became a part of this entertaining talk.

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Vadivelu, the man behind the fictional character of Nesamani, is the most loved comedians of all time in the Kollywood industry. The characters he had played in several movies, has always stayed comical and hilarious. It is the unique style of mocking, that has made a mark on his career. If you are from Tamil Nadu, then you must have experienced the feeling of getting yourself related to one of Vadivelu’s characters. It is no wonder that “Nesamani” had gained a huge fanbase recently.


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