Ali Asgar(Nani) Moved on with a New Role in Another TV Show as an Adivasi Woman

Ali Asgar

Ali Asgar

The exceptionally notorious mid-air fight between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover has been taking very a few adjusts on the web.

It was said that Kapil in his intoxicated state did not leave anybody in his group including Ali Asgar. While there is no strong news of Sunil Grover leaving the show similarly up ’til now, Ali Asgar then again has effectively proceeded onward.


Its official and final thing for Ali to leave ‘The Kapil Sharma Show‘ and move on with his controversy free career on TV.

The highly cherished kissing and moving Nani on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has now gone to assume the part of a criminal masked Adivasi lady in a show named ‘Trideviyaan’, as indicated by a known day by day. The show which will include on SONY SAB will see Ali remaining with the tribe keeping in mind the end goal to be not gotten by the police.


Discussing which, Ali said that it is a “cameo part” and will be exceptionally intriguing for the group of onlookers to see him “wearing the look of an Adivasi lady”.

Ali has now got his new platform whereas, Sunil and Chandan who also left the show with kapil have not spoken about their moving on plans yet. On the other side Kapil stopped the shoot on wednesday when no one showed up for the shooting other than Kiku Sharda  and Rochelle Rao.

All the best Nani, sorry Ali..!


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