Lal Krishna Advani Finally Questioned the Functioning of BJP to which Modi Responded

Advani Questioned BJP's Functioning

Who would better know the nature of sheep while being one of them in the flock? Well, the basic sentiment on which the BJP was formed back then was questioned by none other than the senior leader of BJP itself LK Advani through a blog. His blog expresses that BJP’s political opponents are in no way considered as enemies or anti-national in case if they do not agree with the BJP ideas. While Modi has innumerable and more important tasks to address, especially when elections are coming up, he still finds it important to cover up for LK Advani blog and so, he immediately tweeted saying Advaniji’s blog points to the so-called selflessness foundation on which the BJP was formed and that BJP has always first considered our country first, the party next, and last the person. How rhetorical Modiji!!

This blog came to the front when the date of the establishment of the BJP is coming soon – 6th April. This blog is a reminder to people that LK Advani is the father of Bharatiya Janata Party and Bharatiya Jan Sangh and that he had established these parties with more noble and selfless intentions. He is a respected leader with a record of serving the nation over seven decades. But with time changing, he himself is in doubts about the intention of the karyakartas working within the party.

With elections starting soon to run the government, Advani points to the transparency they believe to have in contesting elections and corruption-free politics. To sum up, LK Advani has been heroic in times of the emergency and his deeds have been expressed through values like good governance and cultural nationalism. The senior leaders in almost all the political parties have been ideological and visionaries.

It has been possible for the parties to exist and survive only because of the ethics they follow. Although it is undeniable that there are parasites operating from within and eating up our transparent political system, there are still leaders such as LK Advani, who still have good intentions about the nation and aim at strengthening the democratic structure of India as a whole.


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