Anubhav Mittal Required to Attend the Court Under CrPC Section 267

From the last hearing which was held on 4 March, the next hearing date is provided and the below image shows the Acts mentioned...

How to Get a Visa to the U.S.A?

How to get the USA Visa? What are the steps involves?

How to Remember More of What You Read?

Enhance your reading efficiency Over the years, human communication was first made through speech which is a natural process. Yet, reading...

Find your lost/stolen mobile phone: 7 things to know

Losing a phone is one of the most terrible and depressing thing that can occur to this generation. Know the ways to track it down.

Exercises to release stress in Board exam

Are your grades often influenced by exam tension? If yes, then read till the end to get rid of the exam stresses.
Mom & Baby

Maternity Bill is Finally Passed – Maternity Leave is Increased from 12 to 26...

The day after we celebrated the International Women's day, there is good news from the Indian Ministry of Women & Child Development. Menaka Gandhi,...

Hashtag trends that can be forever on Social Media

Social media is a space where anything that most of us think irrelevant can gain mass attention and go viral in seconds....

Exercises to keep your heart healthy

The American Heart Association recommends half an hour of moderate to strenuous aerobic exercise on most days of the week for your optimum heart...

Janata Curfew – What India planned to Accomplish?

India hosts Janata Curfew - How did we accomplish.
GDP Growth Scam

GDP Growth Scam – A Manipulation done Through Bookkeeping of Several Fake Companies

Economical firms have been used cunningly to show growth in the GDP figure. Yes, you read it right i.e. GDP Growth...

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