3 New Corona Positive Patients found in Nepal

From the COVID-19 that is being conducted by the government at various places, 3 new positive cases of COVID-19 was found on 4th April 2020 in Nepal. The news has been confirmed from the Ministry of Health and Population, Nepal.

Two of Three cases were related and each other. It was found that a male who is of 21 years returned from Mumbai, India a few days back to Kailali, Nepal was the carrier and has infected a relative of him who is a 34 years old female from Kailali. The third case was found at Kanchanpur and who is identified to be a 41 years old male who recently came back from Uttarakhand, India.

It was also identified to be the first case of disease transmission in the country. However, the government is yet to test its entire population.

Government has to identify the people who recently came back from the foreign lands and keep them in the quarantine in order to stop the local transmission of the disease. As Nepal is a poor country and won’t be able to manage the cases in a very efficient manner, it should take the preliminary precautions very seriously.
with the addition of these three cases, the toll now has reached to 9 infected persons(Government Data) in Nepal.

Stay tuned for more updates. Stay at home, stay safe.



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