Income Tax Raids Caught 281 Crore Cash Collection and Many more

281 crore cash income tax raids

The Raids conducted by the Income Tax dept. in the Madhya Pradesh has exposed a well-planned scam of Rs. 281 Crores. 20 crores cash has been transferred to the major political party in Delhi via hawala, which is an illegal way of transferring money from one to another place without paying any taxes. The all happened from Delhi’s Tughlak Road.

In the raid conducted, there were various other items which were illegal but found, Some of them are:
1.) Tiger skins
2.) Unaccounted cash of Rs. 14.6 crores
3.) 252 branded Liquor Bottles
4.) Guns
All the above-mentioned findings were confirmed by the records maintained in the Handwritten diaries, Computer files, Excel sheets.

The Income Tax office asserted that additional proof of the racket developed amid assaults in the national capital against those connected to a “nearby relative of a senior functionary”. The “implicating proof”, it included, incorporated a “money book recording unaccounted exchanges of Rs. 230 crore, guiding of cash through false charging of more than Rs. 242 crore, and proof of more than 80 organizations in assessment asylums”.

Salary Tax authorities had struck the habitations of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s previous private secretary Praveen Kakkar in Indore and previous guide Rajendra Kumar Miglani in Delhi regarding a supposed hawala case on Sunday morning.

The attacks came only seven days after the Income Tax office focused on individuals connected to the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) alliance in Karnataka, a move that was named by Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and the Congress as an abuse of the administration’s capacity to irritate political rivals.

On Sunday, the Election Commission had trained examination and implementation organizations under the Union Finance Ministry to guarantee that their pre-survey attacks remain politically unbiased. The survey body likewise commanded that its authorities be educated ahead of time before any such exercise is attempted.


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