1500 crores real estate scam in Bengaluru – Dreamz Infra India Pvt Ltd


Dreamz Infra & Gruh Kalyan are Bengaluru based real estate company, which is run by Disha Choudary. TGS is another real estate company owned by Mandeep Kaur. About 5000 thousand people have invested from 1 lakh to 1.2 crores in these three companies in early 2016. But none of received an approved plan from the company. After questioning multiple times regarding the status, some investors have started asking for refunds. After multiple reminders, they were given cheques by these companies, which totaled to about 50 crores. When deposited in the bank, the cheques had bounced, following which the investors started doubting their intentions.

The property documents which were shown to them were analyzed and received shocking news. None of the property was registered under the name of the investors and they still belonged to the real estate company. The angry investors then started protesting in Freedom Park of Bengaluru demanding investigation and action.

Dreamz Infra – The Mastermind:

It may look that both these real estate companies do not have any relationship with one another. But, it is wrong. Sachin Naik is believed to be the mastermind behind all these scams. He is the ex-husband of Disha Choudary and husband of Mandeep Kaur. He also owns 51% of shares in all these real estate companies. It is claimed that this trio together looted about 1500 crores from the people showing fake registered documents.

Sachin Naik - Dreamz Infra
Sachin Naik – Dreamz Infra

Interesting recap:

Back in 2008, there was another company, Frontier Group, which promised to offer some business investment schemes. This was run by Sumanth Kumar Das and Esha Sumanth. Along with the share of profits from ventures like malls, beauty spas, and salons, etc, they will also get a flat 10% interest on deposits. After getting a lump sum amount, the duo absconded leaving no identity of theirs. The duo was none other than Sachin Naik and Disha Choudary. The police officer, investigating officer, mentions Sachin was also involved in another scam from Delhi which amounts to about 30 lakhs.


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