15 Sex Scandals that involved Indian Politicians

Have you heard about explosive cocktails? Just look at the politics and sex in India. There are umpteen numbers of cases where politicians being involved in scandals around the globe. Many politicians consider their power as a license that can win this type of scandal. It enables them to get away from everything. On the other hand, women are falling easy prey and vulnerable in these cases, and they do not voice out. We have a history of cases where they have unabashedly caused disrespect to women. Here are some of the major sex scandals that Indians have witnessed from politics.

1. Gopal Kanda and Geetika Sharma Scandal

Geetika Sharma committed suicide in 2012 and left behind a suicide, not accusing Gopal Kanda. He is one of the cabinet ministers of Haryana. He was terribly harassing and her and pushed the limits of ending her life. Police investigations revealed that Geetika was an air-hostess in MDLR airlines, and Gopal Kanda had an illicit relationship with her. She alleged that Kanda forced her to end life; hence, he was arrested in later 2011. But on March 14, Kanda was granted bail after the charge was passed in the Delhi High court for sexual exploitation.

Credits: The Hindu

2. Abishek Manu Singhvi Sex Scandal

Abhishek Manu was a Congress Spokesmen, and a senior leader was accused of having sex with an advocate inside the hallowed chambers for lawyers at Supreme Court. A sensational CD was brought up by Shingvi’s driver, who was alleged for blackmailing for money and making it public through media channels. However, it was uploaded the YouTube, and it was all over the internet. The Shingvi stated that it was morphed but was deeply embarrassed as it went public. Initially, he was removed from the Congress media panel, but he regained the position in 2012 itself.

CrCredits: OpIndia

3. Mahipal Maderna Sex Scandal

Bhanwari Devi, a 36-year-old nurse at Rajasthan, went missing. Her husband filed a complaint telling that the state congress minister Mahipal Maderna has abducted his wife. The investigation proceeded further and found that Bhanwari was blackmailing Maderna was quite some time then. She had secretly filmed Maderna at compromising position with her and demanded amount in crores. Mahipal decided to get rid of her by supari killers. Later Maderna was taken under custody when found, and still, the charges against him are pending.

Credits: The Hindu

4.Armani Tripathi Scandal

Amarani Tripathi is a minister of UP government accused of killing Madhumitha Shukla 24-year-old poetess. She was assassinated by two men in the apartment. However, later the investigation, it was found that MAdhumit Tripathi’s wife of Amarani gave instructions to murder her as she got furious about their affair. The saddening part is Madhumitha was seven months pregnant when she was killed.

Credits: Zee News

5. N.D. Tiwari Sex Scandal

The governor of Andhra Pradesh, N.D.Tiwari was all over the media channels and headlines for his scandal. The operation was carried out by a famous Telugu Channel, which found N.D.Tiwari with three women on the bed at his official residence, Raj Bhawan. Well! The country was shocked terribly to see how the government powers are misused. Most importantly, that was not the first time Tiwari was flickered. Before he came into power in 2009, he was having an affair with Ujjwala Sharma. She accused him of being a father to Rohit Shekar. The DNA test proved that, indeed, Tiwari was the father.

Credits: Zee News

6. Raghav Jee Sex Scandal

Raghav Jee was a veteran of Madhya Pradesh Politics. He was involved in unnatural sex with his servant. A CD showing his compromising position with this man created a huge chaos in the party. He was forced to relieve the party. However, Raghav claimed that the servant was a massager and joined just a month before the pictures and videos were leaked. The servant who is 29 years old had a different story of all. He said that Raghav has been involved in extramarital affairs with the wife of all the employees in his house and office while he is just one among them.

Credits: One India

7. Sanjay Joshi Sex Scandal

Sanjay Joshi was a general secretary of BJP in 2005. He was accused of an audio cassette and a video followed by which he was in illegitimate position with women. The party was totally shocked, and he was asked to resign from the post. The CD was an outcome of some inters rivalry in the party itself. However, Sanjai was known there as a strict and no-nonsense leader owning to sharp differences. Modi was also pointed out because of the difference in opinion between them. Even though he was later added to the group as an advisory panel, he could never get back the authority.

Credits: One India

8. Suresh Ram Sex Scandal

Jagjivan Ram was a well known, experienced politician and an administrator. When Indira Gandhi lost in 1977 political wave, Jagjivan was recommended for the PM post. He came out of Congress and developed a good reputation in the political circles. If he were given a chance, he would have been the first-ever Dalit Prime Minister of India. But apparently, ‘Surya,’ a magazine published the nude pictures of Jagjivan’s son with a girl Sushma Chaudry. The scandal hot interesting when it was found that Menaka Gandhi, daughter in law of Indira Gandhi, edited the magazine. This changed the scenario, and the fortune fell in Janata’s party again. By then, the party was already broke between Moraji Desai and Charan Singh.

9. Ice Cream Parlor Scandal

Kerala was known for the popular Ice cream parlor sex scandal. This was brought up in the limelight by an NGO in Kozhikode. They made a complaint against an ice cream parlor, which simultaneously runs brothel with numerous girls. The women there were sexually assaulted and exploited by various powerful sections, which include judicial officers, VIPs, and other important politicians. PK Kunhalikutty, a state minister, belonged to IUML was brought in this case, and he had to resign immediately. The case was finally closed in 2011 when a relative of Kunhalikutty was also alleged for helping to wriggle out PKK from this case illegally by bribing witnesses.

10. Harak Singh Rawat sex Scandal

Uttranchal minister of Congress party, Harak Singh Rawat, was accused of having fathered a newborn child from Assamese women. Indira Deoli alias Jenny highlighted the allegation and made a stronger noted about the affair an illegitimate child of her. Rawat immediately resigned from the post after the accusation. CBI committee was set up to investigate the case further. Bu the report clearly was in favor of the Assamese women. Later, when the DNA test was taken as proof, it was no match, which left people confused and awful.

Credits: Hindustan

11. Babulal Nagar Sex Scandal

A married woman of Jaipur filed a complaint against Rajasthan Minister Babulal Nagar. She stated that her exploitation caused stress and motivated her to make a negative decision. The minister actually promised her a government job as he assaulted her. The women were alleged that the minister threatened to keep the mouth shut and face the consequences as same as Bhanwari Devi. Immediately after this case, Babul Nagar was asked to resign from the position.

12. Dhurv Narayan Singh Sex Scandal

Credits: India Today

Dhuruv Narayaan Singh was a BJP MLA of Madhya Pradesh. He was alleged to have an illicit relationship with many women. This resulted in the killing of one, Shehla Masood, who is an RTI activist. She was murdered by the contract killers who were hired by Dhuruv’s other lover Zahida Pervez. Massod was a known activist who worked in wildlife conservation. She has been known among political circles as she supported the RTI act and fronted in Anna Hazare’s campaign in many places. Masood was actively raising voice against the tiger killing in Madhya Pradesh area. She organized many events under Shyama Prasad Trust up to Delhi.

13. Bobby Murder Case

Bobby was a young lady who worked in Bihar Secretariat in 1982. She was murdered and caught headlines after numerous ministers being involved in the case. Most of the ministers from Congress party were brought under the scanner. During that time, veteran Congress leader Jagannath Mishra was heading the government. Under huge public pressure and media constantly scrutinized to reopen the case of Bobby. The body was sent to forensic, and later, the murderers were identified. Even though they did not point fingers at any of these leaders, this case still remains suspicious in the eyes of the public.

14. Sathyanarayan Patel Sex Case

A CD surfaced the Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA, Sathyanarayanan Patel, who was shown in a compromising position with the women. He was alleged for creating local rival in the pary. Vishal Patel from the same party tampered the CD and tried defaming him. Based on Sathyanarayanan Patel, this was a well-planned conspiracy raised against him during the Madhya Pradesh elections. The lady was also murdered, and hence, the body was sent to forensic. The results matched with the lady on the CD, and hence, he lost the power in no time.

Credits: Facebook

15. Jalgaon Rape Case

Jalgoan Rape Case involved different sections like human trafficking, sexual slavery, and rape. It happened in Jalgoan, Maharashtra. The case came on to the light in 1994, where they found women being exploited. This also included women of all ages, school going, college-going, and workers too. Sometimes they were drugged and pulled in the trap. Other times they were tortured to rape. This case caught people’s eye as shockingly 300-500 women fell as a victim. Many businessmen, professionals, politicals, and even criminals were part of this exploitation. Women were blackmailed later; hence, it was not voiced out at all. But some women bravely came forward, and thus, the case was lodged. Pandit Sapkale and Raju Tadvi, who were from the Congress party, were arrested in this case.

Whenever a politician is caught in the sex scandal, commonly, you can find that they are blaming political opponents. The conspiracy against them does not hatch, or for fooling people, they resign the post. A proper judiciary was never set up in all these cases. Sad, but it’s true!


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