Ever Expected to See Aamir Khan on Drums in Indian Ocean Band?

Aamir on drums

The versatile Aamir Khan tries his hand at drumming while performing with the Indian Ocean at the music launch of Peepli Live.

This song “Desh Mera Rangrez ye Babu” is one of the most impressive songs that Ithe Indian Ocean performed on and it reflects all the purity and mirror image of India.

One of the Comment on this Youtube video was found to be really touching and Hence we thought of pulling that from the comments section. Here it is, “a song on the diff colours and divides in Indian society is played at a joint which probably serves water at Rs100 a glass. while the protagonist (shown in the banner on backstage) moves to a city to earn something like Rs 20 a day as a migrant labour. i think the irony is just appropriate.” from Amit Bhuchar.


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