Transformation of Shahid Kapoor from Ratan Singh to Kabir Singh


Shahid Kapoor is loved by his fans not just for his energetic dance and looks but also for the amount of dedication he put towards each role that he does to make them nothing less than perfect. From the young businessman in the movie Jab we met that swooned the hearts of women to the twin brothers in Kaminey, bald look in Haider, drug addict singer in Udta Punjab and Ratan Singh in Padmavat, all these iconic roles cannot be replaced with another actor. That is why the admiration for this actor has just raised as we see his new looks in the upcoming movie Kabir Singh.

Shahid Kapoor can be seen as a rebel with a broken heart in the movie. He plays the role of a functional alcoholic as well as a college going student in the movie. His new looks have been a topic of discussion when he shaved off his beard after nearly five years for the movie. In the teaser that was launched on 8th  of this month, we also saw him in a lean avatar with bags around his waist compared to his normal 6 packed body.

It seems like the young actor has gone extra miles for this movie. According to the makers of the movie, he had put on 8 kg’s at first to portray the role of an alcoholic and then reduced over 14 kg’s to portray the role of a college student with boyish looks. Further, the actor had to smoke over 20 cigarettes and beedi’s a day to get into the shoes of the character.

The actor on asked about the same said to the Mumbai Mirror “I don’t endorse smoking whatsoever. However, the role required it, as the protagonist uses it to channel his angst and rage. It wasn’t easy and it came to a point where I smoked almost 20 cigarettes a day. It would take me close to two hours to shower and get rid of the smell before I could reach home to my children.”

Kabir Singh, which is the Hindi remake of the original Telugu movie Arjun Reddy tells the story of a brilliant medical student who succumbs to drugs and alcohol after his separation from his girlfriend. The movie is expected to hit the theaters on June 21st, 2019.


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