What gets the boy noticed by a girl?

With the blink of an eye, a girl notices almost everything about a guy. It’s every girl’s nature to instantly observe everything about you as soon as she meets. Love at first sight, might not be true but a girl’s observation skill is very much real. One should know that every girl does not strive for the “perfect guy”. However, they have preferences that differ from girl to girl.

Let’s explore what girls notice in boys?

“What does a girl notice in a boy?” Yep, it’s a curiosity that hits each and every boy’s mind. Girls just observe and assess men all the time while roaming. Most of the girls notice the characteristics of a boy as summarized below.

A man’s face is his autobiography

Unquestionably, the first thing a girl notices about a man is his face. It is best to take good care of your face. That doesn’t mean you have to resemble a movie star. If that was the circumstance, then our world would be filled with a ton of single men.

If you are a lad with a beard, just trim and maintain it with utmost care. Beardless guys, also known as chocolate boys, need to clean shave at a regular time period. Make sure that there’s no cut marks or bumps aftershave.

Eyes are the windows to the soul

Your eyes speak a lot more than your lips. Often called the windows to your soul, eyes confess more. Whether you’re cheerful, bored, unenthusiastic, or excited, it reveals on our face. Express what you mean without uttering a word with your eyes.

The color and contour of your eyes are not so important to them. A woman expects to respect their space; make inappropriate eye contact then you’ll be given a red card at the very beginning. Yet if you are looking away from her then she’ll realize you’ve got something to hide.

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Smile is the entrance to everyone’s heart

A warm smile is an approving signal you send across. This indicates that you’re interested and approachable. Throw a smile blended with proper eye contact towards a girl to impress. Hold on for a second, your teeth might be the villain of your love story; periodically inspect and maintain your teeth if required.

Tamed hair

A man with a healthy hair is blessed. The rest of them has to invest a lot of time and money in their hair. You should probably maintain your hair occasionally or else it means that you’re are not interested in impressing people.

Your hairstyle says a lot about you. Some fellas apply too much oil or pigment them with funky colors that are not liked by the majority. It’s always better to groom your personality. A regular visit to the salon is recommended.

Height and physique matters

Women are attracted to a very masculine physique. Regular workout will help in strengthening your body parts and gives a macho look. The right choice of outfit entails your masculine feature. Avoid skinny jeans as they don’t make you attractive. Height is another important characteristic noted in a man but it purely depends on the individual.

Practice good personal hygiene

A man with great fashion sense is a dream of every single woman. On the other hand, personal hygiene is a must and you’ll be judged based on it. So please have healthy personal hygiene. Be conscious about your looks and health always. Adding to that, use a pleasant deodorant before stepping out of your house.

Every gesture is a symbol

Your body language tells a lot more about you than the words spoken. It is beyond the widest grin or nicest wardrobes. You can easily persuade a girl with proper gestures. Your attitude can be determined by your gestures. The way you treat and respect other fellow beings exhibit your values. A man with the right attitude is what every woman looks for.

Bonus: ┬áTone of your voice and accent are also being noticed. Don’t use swearing words in front of a girl you just met. Speak gently and use the right kind of words. Make them want to listen to your voice more.


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