What friends character are you according to your sun sign?

Friends is one of the most iconic television shows ever. With a content that is totally relatable despite the time period, it has some of characters even we meet in our day to day life. With flawless comedies, lovable characters and a great story line the series had each one of us fall head over heels for it.

It is always a subject to wonder where would we have fit in this iconic world. One of the best ways is to know by looking through the characteristics of the characters and matching it with the zodiac signs. So which character of Friends do you think you are according to the zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Aries, you are very passionate about what you do much like Ross Geller. You are hardworking and uncompromising when it comes to your set of beliefs. However, you are not as confident as you seem to be and find it hard to communicate your feelings which often put you in trouble. in Friends she is highly impulsive and does not think before taking an action which has led to several misunderstandings like Ross have.

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2. Taurus

Taurus craves for a fancy life and is all about extravagance much like Rachel Green. Like her, you are ready to work for what you want. Taurus people often find life unpleasant and boring when they don’t get to do what they love and due to this changes careers until they find what they really want. Much like Rachel, you are warm and loving but highly sensitive and emotional as well. Much like other taurusians, you are uncompromising when it comes to your pride.

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3. Gemini

Those who belong to this sign are creative and extremely interesting much like Phoebe Buffay. Gemini is known for strong will power and has eccentric ideas and thoughts which other may not understand or accept. They are not afraid to speak their mind or show their real characteristics. Much like Phoebe, they find it hard to find the right partner. However, when they do, they go to lengths in keeping them.

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4. Cancer

You are a true Chandler Bing. You are sensitive and highly emotional. However, like Chandler you have a natural knack at burying your feelings and emotions by using humor and mood swings to hide them. You are deeply caring and often find having friends as your family. Much like Chandler, you have commitment issues but when you find your true love, you would go to any lengths to not lose them and strive to be a better personality for them.

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5. Leo

Leo is admired for their kindness and ability to forgive. However, they tend to be very possessive and jealous and let this overpower them much like Emily. Leo are very controlling and wants things to be done the way they want it. They hate change and due to this reason is truly uncompromising when it comes to adjustments. They are not the type of people to settle for something that they feel does not deserve them.

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6. Virgo

You love observing and keeping things to details. With a methodical approach to life, you are much like Gunther. You don’t find happiness in making money but in doing something that you love. However, you are quite introverted and this often makes you feel left out. When it comes to love life, you find it hard to open up about your feeling to the love of your life. You are hardworking and loyal.

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7. Libra

Libra are charismatic and extroverted people much like Joey. Extremely positive and quite ambitious. They care for their loved ones more than anything and would go to any lengths for them. Libra often finds themselves doing a work they love and does not succumb to pressure. They are ready to work hard for what they want. They love binging and can’t stay hungry at all.

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8. Scorpio

People born under Scorpio are dedicated, loyal, hardworking and romantic much like Monica. Scorpio want things to be perfect and organized and cannot handle a mess. They can be quite ordering and controlling due to this reason.bad at handling pressure and often fails when pressurized. Scorpio love getting attention and recognition at whatever they do. They are highly passionate and competitive and sets their expectancy bar up so high.

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9. Sagittarius

Being one of the most adventurous signs, they are not afraid of experimenting. They love change and to be crazy much like Mike. Kind and gentle and have a natural talent to be understanding. They can keep calm through any situations and will never stop from being there for their loved ones. While you have an outgoing and totally different face in front of your loved ones, you are not the one to start a conversation. This has often put you in awkward situations.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorns are hardworking and passionate like Richard Bruke. At times in chasing their passion, they forget about their limits. Highly romantic and make very committed and passionate lover. Love to be responsible and has your own ideas on what is the best. Capricorns are bound by their traditions however; they don’t mind a healthy change.

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11. Aquarius

You are committed to make the world a better place. With passion towards intellectual knowledge and science, you are everything like Charlie Wheeler. You like to be surrounded by people with whom you have the chances to develop and grow. You have a great memory too. They often find it hard to cope up with emotions and find it hard to stick around with one person. Quite open minded even though they don’t seem like it.

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12. Pisces

Pisces live in their own world much like Janice. Often so immersed into their own world, they often don’t know about the feelings of others and end up hurting them. However, when they do get a strike of reality, they try to accept and cope up with it. Pisces are known for their loyalty. However, once they are deceived there is no going back to them. You are a social being and like to have some fun.

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