TRENDS at top 10- Fashion FOR MEN 2020 Exclusive

Fashion trends for men

Fashion trends for men are constantly evolving in a newer dimension every year. With frequent innovations in clothing and lifestyle every day, there are lots of varieties to choose from. Over the years, fashion trends have changed yet the craze for fashion and trend is not changing. Explore the rich blend of trending dresses and fashion products to be a trendy guy in your locality.  Here is a list of Top 10 fashion trends for men in 2020 that will have a huge impact.


This is surely a fashion technique that will rule 2020. Much similar to a women’s purse, it can be used to carry money, documents, and other useful stuff. If you happen to be a man then you can use it to carry your belongings in a tour or shopping. However, these bags will not roll down your hip bone yet stays within a certain limit of your stomach.

Credits: NewChic


It is a known fact that only black and rarely white suits are used prominently. However, with modernization different multi-coloured suits are being famous and becoming trendy nowadays. However, wearing suits with formal trousers have become fashionable these days. With many star actors following this trend, one can surely say that this trend will rock 2020.


This trend became viral in late 2019. Here, you wear a suit will no shirts, thus you get a chance to expose your chest and its cults. With, a lot of time that can be saved, this trend eliminates the need to wear shirts and ties. Shirtless suits are going to change the formal ways of wearing a suit. With, proper ventilation and airflow, one can keep himself cool and avoid sweating.


Vests are something that you wear along with a coat and suit. It is one of the formal ways of wearing a suit. Vests can be worn in a trendy good look manner, especially for gym-toned guys, who can show off their biceps, chest cults, and body shape. It can also act as an amazing summer dress as it is sleeveless and is well ventilated and does not induce sweating. A fashion to try out for if you are going for a tour to hot and arid climatic areas.

Credits: Forbes


Jackets for motorcyclists were some of the trends of previous years. However, here comes the newer dimension of it for non-motorcyclists. These are long, slim-fit, leather jackets that will surely rock both market and fashion industry. It is usually paired with tough jeans yet formal trousers are also best fit to have a try. A good one to try if you are in a cold region with adequate snowfalls and chilling climatic conditions.


This is probably a copy of women’s ties that successfully rocked international markets in the earlier years. They are now developed and designed for men alone with additional features. This is probably the best one to try out if you want to get noticed by a huge crowd near you.


These shirts are specially designed for summers with rich varieties based on color and material used. They are available with a distinct collar that differentiates itself from others along with short sleeves. You can choose a printed or a plain shirt for your taste, but don’t forget to wear cool sunglasses that will make you the hottest one.


Here is an opportunity to explore the clothing culture of the 70’s. They are back in the race with these flares. Flares are pants with slim, tight upper leg and exaggerated highly loose bottom leg. It is best suited with T-shirts and formal shirts. Formal shirts are the best ones as they tend to give you a formal appearance. These were called bell-bottom pants earlier. Do not forget that even heroes wore this kind of pants in the earlier 70’s till the late 90’s.

Credits: Flares


This is a trend that not only is stylish yet comfortable. You get a casual comfortable feel in a pair of over the knee type shorts. A highly suitable one if you are going for long-distance travel in hot regions. The t-shirts of light colors give you the best fit. These shorts can also help you in many ways especially aeration, that makes it comfortable for long-distance car rides.


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