Top 5 National Parks that you must be visiting in India

India being one of the luckiest countries of all has everything in one package especially with National parks. From the cold Himalayan ranges in the north to the hot desert on its west and the east is the land of rain forests and the south blessed with a tropical climatic condition and the oceans. This togetherness of India helps it to have a wide range of flora and fauna for the country. This attracts a lot of tourists and nature enthusiasts from all over the country and from the rest of the world.

If you are someone who is looking to travel across India for its richness in nature, then these are the top 7 national parks of India that you should not miss.

Dudhwa national park, Uttar Pradesh

This is one of the finest national parks you can find anywhere in this world. Dudhwa national park is home to 450 species of birds alone and this is possible because of the huge trees found in these forests. The swamp area in here is home to some of the largest alligators and crocodiles and even the swamp deers. The must do thing in this national park is the elephant safari which will introduce you to the grass lands filled with large number of rhinos and others animals. The best time to visit the park is between January and March, but the park is open between November to June.

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Tadoba national park, Maharashtra

With a total area of 625 sq km this is one of the oldest and one of the most popular destinations for safari across India. If you are going in for this be ready to be surprised, this forest will tease you will wild cheetahs, wild bores and many such predatory animals. This place is most famous for its tigers as it has the most tigers in India. This is also home to a lot of birds and flora. This place is well connected with the rest of the world so reaching here will be no issues. The sanctuary is open between October and June.

Bandhavgarh national park, Madhya Pradesh

This is a tricky one; the terrain of this forest is so complex that spotting of wild is quite tough in here. Yet, this national park is so enjoyable because of the experience it gives you throughout the journey. You may not see a leopard or a tiger but you can be sure that they are watching you. And this trill is what makes this trip most adventurous. The time for to visit this park is between October and June and the place is well connected as well, so reaching here will not be an issue.

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Corbett national park, Uttarakhand

This national park is a complete package. Forest, hills, marshlands, grassland you name it and it has got it. Not just the terrain it is also a place to c almost every animal on your mind like tigers, leopards, jungle cats and what not. The place is very near from Delhi and Chandigarh that you can easily find this crowded at all time. The park is open between November and June. The nearest railway station is just 15 km away from this national park so it is easy to reach this location.

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Kanha national park, Madhya Pradesh

With almost 1000 sq km in area this is one of the largest national parks in the country. It is considerably remote so reaching to this location could take some time and some patience. It is filled with the mighty Bengal tigers, sloth bears, barking beers and many such interesting animals. The land are by itself is magnificent with tall sal tress and grass lands and swamps. This gives you the ultimate safari experience at all cost. The sanctuary is open between October and June.

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Desert national park, Rajasthan

True to its name this is a desert region and any animal suitable for such climatic condition can be found here. The main attraction of this national park is the Indian bustard, which is at the verge of extension due to the climatic conditions. The park itself is about 3162 sq km in area, so any number of time you go there you will have something new to experience in this park. The park is just 3 km away from the nearest railway station, which makes it reaching there an easy task. The park is open between October to February.

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Simlipal national park, Odisha

This park has over 200 species of birds alone and when you look up to the sound of the leaves of the tress for birds you will most probably see giant squirrels jumping from tree to tree. This place is also home to some of the largest cats in the world and some interesting flora and fauna. The park itself is 2750 sq km so it has a lot to offer for its visitors. The park is open between October and June.

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