Taher Shah is Now Getting Offers from the Hollywood, Are You Serious?

Taher Shah is Now Getting Offers from the Hollywood, Are You Serious?

Recently Published Taher Shah’s famous track Angel is now getting him awarded with the offers from Hollywood.

Let’s First watch the video of the song and decide what’s it worth of and what is it receiving?

Here You Go..!!


We hope you guys must have enjoyed and have at-least thought of some ‘desi gaaliya‘ for him.

Well, it doesn’t stops here, there are thousands of people who feels the same and couldn’t resist this from tweeting which are summed up below.





Here comes the Missile..

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and Finally..



There are a lot more when you go on-line and look of the epic one..


Now as his reputation is totally at risk he explains the meaning of the song and what he thinks about this song which has taken the singing world to the next level..

Watch it here..



Ok.. Mr. Shah has really good thinking but we are extremely sorry bro, You have ruined people’s choice for you and this explanation is just not enough to fulfil their hate for you.. Lol.. You got the Publicity, Hello… 

Above all one of the news channel from Pakistan shows that he is elaborating of his offers from Hollywood is just going crazy and we are damn serious about it man, It’s like driving us nuts..

You got it all fake, This couldn’t be possible.. really…?

Watch this video and decide yourself..

Taher Shah talked about the song and he said, “There’s a message of love, if we talk about ‘Angel’, it’s all about humanity and love. It leaves a message that we should respect and love humanity”.

Hope for your great future dude..


All the Best..!!


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