Support Acid Attack Survivors & Visit Seminar at Siri Fort Institutional Area, New Delhi


Acid Attack!!!

Acid throwing is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or corrosive substance on another person’s body with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture or kill. Well, the above definition only gives you an idea about the acid attack. The picture it creates in your mind is of a person throwing acid on some girl who later on either succumbs to her injuries or live an isolated life; you might have seen the same on television or in some movie. So yeah, you know about the acid attack and you’ve a literal picture in your mind. But what remains hidden behind this hideous act is the reality of our society. Oh yeah, our so called society who always shout about women empowerment and equal rights. Let me paint reality for you.

‘Acid Attack’; these are not mere words, they show the ugly mentality of our society. In our society, if a girl resists someone’s urges, acid attack is the answer; if she says no to your love proposal, throw acid on her, if she is your competition, against acid attack; if she files complaint against you, she deserves an acid attack; if she’s girl child then she shouldn’t have been born, let’s kill her and lastly, hey, look a girl! let’s throw acid on her. If you don’t believe this, then hey, you need a kick on your ass to wake up and see the true picture of the society. Our narrow minded society blame the women for everything and the limit is crossed when they blame the victim for doing something wrong and they keep on victimising the victim instead of reducing their agony. Every Time it’s ‘She’, who suffers. She is molested, humiliated, raped, blamed, tortured, exploited either sexually or other way, burnt alive, murdered in the womb and many unimaginable things happened with her. What to say, this is our proud society who worships goddesses on different occasions while behind the curtains they victimise their so called goddesses. Shame!!!

Acid attack

Well apart from this horrible and dreadful part of our society, there’s also a part of the society who’s striving to improve the existing condition of women in our exploitative society. Some good news at last! So who are these people? Well, they are also the part of our society whose ass has been either long ago kicked to wake up to the reality of the society or they were never ignorant about this part but they had no idea how to start or where to start. Let me introduce to one such foundation, the Chanv Foundation which recognised such attacks as a most inhumane and barbaric assault which scars the victim’s whole life.

Through the project ‘Sacred Transformations’ the journey of the acid attack survivors is expressed through photographs by Mr. Niraj Gera and you can relate with these photographs emotionally.

Do go and visit the exhibition at Arpana Art Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts and Literature, 4/6 – Siri Fort Institutional Area, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi-49. Free entry for all. Tomorrow is the last day and you could also meet the survivors of acid attack and see them fully enjoying their lives and striving to fulfil their dreams. Do visit and support the sacred cause and bring some more enjoyment to the lives of these beautiful ladies.


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