How to Use a Smartphone in a Productive Manner?

Productive uses of Mobile

The use of mobiles is on the rise and as per a study; users are nowadays using more than 4 hours per day on their smartphones. While some of them spend time on calls, others spend time exploring various applications. Smartphones are quite handy when you need to get some information, but they can also be stressful and distracting at times.

A smartphone can, at times take over the life of someone. Users have quick access to messages, emails, and social media, and this is what compels one always to stay online and connected. Smartphone has indeed proven what it is worth, but do you know that it can also be used to increase your productivity and de-stress.

Let us have a look at the possible ways using which you can use your smartphone in a very productive manner.

1.) Start by prioritizing

Everyone has their way to work with efficiency and make good use of technology in their day to day life. Users can start with prioritization and can get rid of apps or things that might disturb you when you are looking for information.

Users can change the setting of emails or calls to “do not disturb” mode during the day when they are busy and cannot move off the task. Doing this can help you define your to-do list and complete your important tasks first, without any distraction. When you are not at work, you can relax by listening to audiobooks, podcasts or watching a movie.

2.) Turn off the notifications

You can turn off all the notifications and let it just ring. You can turn off the text tones and other notification tones so that you do not get distracted and forget about it when you are busy with your work.

Most of the smartphones are designed in a way that every application you install gives you notifications, but when you turn the notifications off, you certainly will not miss much.

3.) Listening to audiobooks or podcasts

Phones can be distracting, especially when you use them for a very short duration, like checking messages or just reading through the news feed, etc. Try and use your smartphone only for long activities like listening to audiobooks or reading a very long article.

This comes in handy when you are traveling in your car or a bus or waiting for someone. You can use your smartphone to learn in-depth about the subjects you like. You can easily convert unproductive time into something useful using your smartphone.

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4.) Never forget to strike a balance

Users often spend more time on their smartphone unknowingly. This not only affects productivity but can also cause various health issues as well. Apps available on play store also come with a feature where it reflects the time users spend on their smartphones. Users can use the Screen time feature to keep a tab on time they spend on their phones and can also take breaks if necessary. When you have time, you can use apps that help you relax, read, or even listen to music.

5.) Use blocking features

Users can use several tools that can help block various applications like social media apps, messenger apps, and more. Users can easily limit the use of some applications to take complete control of their life. It is essential you have a strategy to create enough time for focused work as this will increase the productivity of you and your team. You now need not feel guilty for being off the grid for some time.

6.) Remove applications that are not necessary

We often get tempted to download the application that looks useful and attractive. But did you ever wonder how useful the apps you downloaded are? Most of the apps that we install are major distractions, and you would need just a few of them.

You can try turning off the notifications, but if you still feel distracted, you can go ahead and uninstall the applications that you do not use or need. Remember that you need not be available 24/7 and need not reply to every message you receive.

One can increase productivity by keeping distractions away and by only using the applications that are needed on a day to day basis. So, just follow the above mentioned tips to increase productivity while using your smartphone.


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