One Habit That Changed My Life – Do it now or Never

Dwelling in a modern society people is conscious of what is happening around them. In fact, our lifestyle has changed surprisingly well. Everyone is specific about self-enhancement and personal well being. You could discover zillions and billions of pieces of free advice everywhere on social media. You’ll be flooded with fitness guidance and personal care runners.

Question yourself about the advice flooding on media and do some research before you blindly follow them. Ask yourself if the advice given is real or not; are those proven right; why do they advise and convince people about their own facts. Figure out which is the best advice to live by.

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You may find many people advising bluntly without knowing the true facts. Don’t waste your time and energy upon those. Diet is not the only aspect of health. People live long and happy with having had horrible diet plans. There are diet advisors who ask you to maintain your diet by avoiding some food and including some other. Just chuck those bits of advice and see through the depth. You can be healthy with what you eat regularly but always follow regular time to eat.

Consistency is the key to lead a good life among all the hurdles that you came across. It matters a lot if you are consistent with whatever you do.

Life can be complicated with a lot of ups and downs. The best possible way to bring change in your life is to cultivate a new habit. Repetitive activities, later on, turn into habits. Research says that it takes exactly 66 days to develop a new habit. While it might be tough to build a new habit, once you get used to it, it turns out to be your additional nature.

Though habits are essential one must develop the right ones. Consciously choose a habit as it will be your life-changer at times, lifesaver. Prefer highly effective habits to enhance your living standards.

In our lives, there will be a turning point where we are supposed to take a big step to initiate new opportunities. The power of changing your life lies within you, choose wisely. Habits will contribute a great impact on your life.  Real change occurs only when your repetitive efforts are a reflection of your ultimate goal(s).

Any situation considered, look in-depth to understand better. There is always a lot more hidden under the surface.

One of the highly effective habits is to question everything

The piece of information that you could find on social media are all gist and are not clarified. It’s all bits and pieces related here and there. Have the habit of questioning everything. It is an excellent way to explore things in detail. Look at life from different perspectives. Life is full of fewer certainties. Stop predicting life and start living it. Life always tricks us with the cream top but you gotta look intensely to know the hidden layers beneath. Many of us fail to foresee those hidden layers.

That is why developing the habit of questioning everything plays a vital role in changing your life. You can also develop additional habits like meditating, journaling, gardening, and many others. These habits may create an impact but don’t change your life.

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As you grow older, your curiosity level goes down and you stop asking questions. Your age should not hinder your growth or personal development. Given a chance ask questions whether right or wrong. In fact, there are no right or wrong questions. The moment you make up your mind without clarifying is the moment you stop growing. This is because we don’t look for answers instead of seeking advice from others.

Somehow, we start following certain faith and belief systems. These beliefs hinder your growth without our knowledge. We believe that we live a happy and healthy life, almost feel that living life in the right way. So the only way to know if you’re doing the right things is by starting to ask questions. That doesn’t mean you should doubt everything. Then your life will become miserable.

Developing the habit of questioning what you do will challenge your creative thinking.

Wake up!

This concept is known as waking up in Eastern philosophy. It says that you can do this without even meditating.

It’s up to you to decide whether you need to meditate or not. A very simple concept is this waking up. You know you’re awake when you start questioning and observe your answers.

Frequently ask questions as stay awake. Cheers to you if you have already begun.


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