Monsoon Foods to be included in your diet

It is that time of the year again, where the rains blow your mind but what follows is stuffy nose and week-long cold. It is quite important to keep yourself healthy during the monsoon season, when your body is prone to catching diseases. One of the best ways to do it, is to include foods that prevent common cold and other diseases into your diet. This would help your body to build some preventive measures against these. Here are some of the must include food to fight of the monsoon germs.

1. Herbs and spices

It is often noticed that due to low immunity, digestion is often affected. Adding spices and herbs like fenugreek, cumin and basil to your diet will help you fight any problems related to digestion. You can also add ginger, garlic and turmeric to increase your immunity. These are healthy in antioxidants and help you in monsoon


2. Vegetables

It is best to avoid leafy vegetables during the monsoon season as their roots contain wet mud which are tough to wash and clean and often contain worms and mud on the leaf too. Opting for vegetables like tomato, ladies finger, brinjal and pumpkin, that do not grow underground is the best to keep yourself away from possible food poising and upset stomach.

Credits: Medical News Today

3. Lentils and soup

It is great to include pulses and lentils into your diet as these are high in protein. Including moong dal and masoor dal will also help in digestion as these are high in fibre. You can always make a lentil soup which is healthy and helps in increasing the antibodies. They are low on calories as well and can be consumed as you wish. You can also add pepper to add the taste.

Credits: Erren’s Kitchen

4. Herbal tea

Sipping on ginger tea, green tea or even lemon tea I stead of the regular tea will help you a lot in fighting of fatigue and make sure your skin is hydrated. They also keep your immune system healthy and is good for your body and skin to keep it glowing. These will also help you in reducing bloating and having a good sleep.


5. Water

Last but not the least, it is important to stay hydrated. Due to the cold environment, it is a tendency to cut down on water however this would affect your health badly. Various infections can be caused due to dehydration. Make sure you drink at least one and a half liter of water a day to keep you skin and body healthy.