How to protect our child from sexual abuse? – Preparing the next generation

Dr. Shalini

“The case of Hasini, who faced sexual abuse and was killed has given a lot of lessons to the community, especially to the parents. A girl child, who was only a 7-year old kid should not have been left alone by the parents without anyone to take care of. In spite of knowing that kids would love to play with other children in the common area or in other’s house, it is possibly not safe to do so. Because, we, especially moms should understand that every man is a potential rapist”, says Dr. Shalini, a leading psychologist in an interview to Nakkheeran.

She continued, “Even if such a situation arises, it should be the responsibility of the neighbors to take care of the child as our own child. When all such responsibilities are forgotten, it is ultimately necessary to teach the kids regarding their own safety aspects. The kids should be taught that they are not supposed to go to anybody’s house without parents; especially to the house, where any boy or gents are alone. Though it is not good to teach the kids not to trust anyone easily, considering the safety of the child, we are forced to do so”.

“It becomes the responsibility of the parents to continuously teach them as to how to protect themselves in different situations. Mock drills can be conducted by the mother to make the kid understand better. Simultaneously, it is also the duty of the parent to act immediately, when a child in the neighborhood falls into the problem. The child learns from the parent. If they don’t act on another problem, they can’t expect others to act in their personal problems. When the kids see the parents being socially responsible, they also grow as responsible humans”.

“Parents who raise a boy child should preach them that girls are equal in all aspects and it is necessary to give respect to them. Any kind of moral or physical abuse towards a girl is completely unacceptable. We either think that such things should be taught in school or these are not necessary for life. More than seeing their son as a successful person in various different fields, it is important for the parents to see that their sons are not characterless humans. Hence, instead of focusing on satisfying the materialistic needs of the boy child, it is important to focus on empowering their character”.

Come on India, let us give a better place for the future to live in…


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