HOW TO IMPRESS A GIRL? – You may need this now

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, most of the people start thinking about the ways of impressing their crushes so that they could ask them out for valentines. However, impressing a girl could turn out to be a pretty challenging task due to their very selective preferences and moody nature. All you have to do is to find someone to love for eternity. Here are some of the most simple and practical ways to find your way to your loved one’s heart.

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  1. Buy her food: Food is the way to not only men’s hearts but women as well. Most of the girls like it when the guy gets her food even if that is not something she likes. For girls, someone getting them food, snacks, etc. is a sign that the person cares and observes her. Share your food with her and always ask if she wants more. This way you will top the list of the people she likes spending time with.
  2. Attention, Attention and all the Attention: Girls might deny that they do not want all your attention but the truth is that they crave hard. They love it when they are the center of all the attention and are given a lot of importance. Even if you are going out with a group of friends, try to hold her hand, walk specifically with her or talk to her while walking. Ask her about her day and things that matter to her. Always remember that even a minute of inattentiveness towards a girl might hit the point resulting in her getting uncomfortable or doubtful of your emotions. So, NEVER do that.
  3. Cute gifts: By the word gift, it is not meant that you go and buy her Gucci or Zara but small things that notify how much she means to you. These gifts could be in the form of Flasks, water bottles, flowers, chocolates, pillow covers, lockets with your initials, etc. Even your T-shirt or hoodies that smell of you or are your favorite could be something that would make her crazily happy. Give her pens, notebooks, love notes, framed pictures of you two, romantic novels or simply make her a playlist for different moods. A surprise visit or night stay would work wonders.
  4. Go out and spend time with her: TIME is the key. Spend most of your free time with her. Remember that girls like guys who re-passionate and have some aims in their life, so always take care that you are working towards your career goals as well. Meet her when you are free. Tell her about your day. If you are feeling low, try opening up to her. Even if you are very busy, take a minute to tell her that you are busy and will talk later. Go on surprise dates and go to the most adventurous and fascinating places. If you are not a very ‘Dating’ kind of person, go on a simple walk in gardens or parks. Don’t just sit and talk. Walk and talk.
  5. Never lie Lying works as poison to every relationship. Be it romantic, professional or even casual friendships. Never lie to a person you like. Even if you have an idea that she will get a little disheartened or upset after hearing what the truth is, then also tell her what it is. Never frame things just to make her happy. If you have told her something and she gets outraged after hearing it, apologize for your mistakes. Make sure that all that she needs to know about you, is conveyed to her by you only and in a complete sense with no cuts and modifications and not some third person.
  6. Have a clear idea about what you want: Be very clear and precise about your intentions. Don’t just fool around and confuse someone with your activities. Girls hate it when they are confused because someone has not spoken clearly about things. If you are not very sure and still a bit confused in your minds, take your time and analyze everything. Try to ask about her desires as well and never assume things on your own. Try to know what she has in her mind and what are her aspirations and expectations. Like it is said, communication is the key, make it a key for yourself as well. Say the words that you have in your mind and tell her clearly what you feel about her. Two people trying to have the same outcomes of a relationship is the best thing and goes far.
  7. Respect her: Respect her completely. Respect it when she makes efforts for you or tries to make you happy. Respect her aims, ambitions, and dreams and support her, motivate her. Never use abusive words to look cool. Everything you want her to know put it forward nicely. Make sure that you are not rude, disrespectful and aggressive while talking to her. When she is low, try to understand what is wrong and ensure that you are there for her.
  8. Be patient: Don’t rush into doing anything. It only results in complicating even the good things. Don’t force her for anything. Take one step at a time and make sure you give her personal space. Let her think properly. Don’t portray yourself as a desperate person. If in first communication or meeting she is not comfortable around you, don’t approach her further. That is the time you realize that it is time to BACK OFF for a while. Be loyal to her and help her in getting over the bad things.  Be a true friend to her.

Although, the basic things to win over a girl’s heart have already been mentioned, don’t forget that it is a two-way process. If you find her uninterested, let her go. Let her be. She might be in her bad phase. Make sure that you always prioritize your self-respect over everything else because Girls love boys who are considerate and understanding. Be mature and do your research beforehand so that you don’t have to feel embarrassed about even a single thing that you do.


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