How to ask a Girl’s Number? Valentine Date trick

If you think that you have met a girl of your choice, the next step is getting her phone number to establish a good connection and get close to her. But getting her phone number is something that looks simple however turns out to be a terrible one. Many feel that getting a girl’s number is scary. They feel that climbing a mountain is a better choice than this task of getting a girl’s number. It is known that most boys don’t approach a girl herself for a number, instead send her a friend request through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Also, they approach her friends for the girl’s number. However, getting phone numbers should be simple, quick, and effortless. Here are some tips to excel in getting a girl’s number.

Never ‘ASK’ a girl for her number

Asking a girl for her number puts you in a submissive position, and gives her with the upper hand on you. Also, in other words, you are asking for her permission. Since she is having the upper hand on you; she is currently in the driver’s seat. Thus, asking for her number increases your probability of rejection. Don’t give her the entire power as she can use that to reject you easily. Don’t use the words ‘May I’, ‘Is it Okay’, ‘Can I’ or ‘Please’. Go out with statements that give you the upper hand against her, inducing her to give her number with no second choice.

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Tell her to give you her phone number

Always try asking for her phone number politely and calmly. Just approach her confidently and tell her to give her number. Don’t ask in a commanding, controlling or demanding manner. Start a conversation and talk for a while. Make sure that you don’t prolong your conversations. Act like you are busy and complete your conversation positively by asking her number.

Give her your number

This is perhaps that most successful boys did to become close to girls. Giving her your number gives her a feeling that you are doing well and you are a confident lad to go out with. It also clearly states that you’re not needy of any girls and if she doesn’t call, it’s no big deal. If she does not give you a call, make sure you don’t waste time on useless ones. Instead, try talking to another girl of your choice. This saves all your money, energy, and time.


Exchange your phone numbers

This strategy is something that you rarely get a ‘no’ or any other negative reply. Women feel exchanging numbers is much safer, friendlier, and less risky. Have a conversation and make sure you ask for an exchange of numbers only at the end of your conversation.

Ask her to Text

It is probably a technique that plays with the minds of women. If you’re short on time or busy, say confidently in a smooth voice that ‘You got to go. Text me!’. If she doesn’t message you make sure that you ask for her number instead or politely ask her to give you a missed call. As soon as you get her number, walk away and send a text saying ‘It’s me! <Your name>. Save my number!’

Also, don’t lie or fake her to get her number. Don’t try to be manipulative to her in any way. Women are excellent at analyzing situations perfectly. They exactly know when you’re faking them or being dishonest to them. Make sure you are straightforward and direct with your intentions and actions.


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