HOW TO ASK A GIRL FOR DATE? Don’t go wrong

As valentine’s day is approaching, most of the people have started to think about the most viable ways to propose their dream valentine for a date or for spending some quality time together. However, proposing a girl could turn out to be a pretty awkward and even embarrassing task if it not done properly and decently. All you have to do is to find someone and let out your heart to them. Here are some of the simplest and less awkward ways to propose your crushes:

Credits: PUA tips
  1. Don’t be too cheesy: When it comes to romanticizing conversations, some people may turn out to be very cheesy and cliché. If you are planning to ask your girl out for a date, try avoiding being over the top. Be romantic and considerate in your conversation but make sure you set a bar at a particular level where you will stop the cringe. Although some girls do like extra romantic stuff, most of them get irritated with extreme cringes.
  2. Be straightforward: If you are planning to propose a girl for a date, make sure you speak to her clearly and briefly. Don’t use words that make her doubt your intention. Make sure your words, as well as your actions, mean what you are saying.
  3. Be your true self: Some people tend to become pretentious when it comes to asking girls for a date. Always remember that small things and sweet gestures matter the most. Your money, your status, and other material things will not interest a girl if you appear to be fake and pretending. Do not lie to her as she would sense that. Make sure you try to be your true self without even a single drop of fakeness because a girl might refuse your proposal for a date if she senses even a single drop of fakeness. 
  4. Don’t panic: Most of the boys get anxious, sleepless and nervous when it is about asking out a girl. They might be very good at conversations with their other friends but could not utter even a single word in front of their crushes. While asking out a girl, this the most difficult thing to overcome. Just remember that your crush is also a normal person and the most extreme thing she could do is say a ‘NO’. So, go ahead and plan your moves without panicking. You could also use a mirror to practice your proposal. Try to avoid stammering. This would increase your confidence level and mentally prepare you for eye contact.
  5. Use decent words: By decent words we mean the usage of normal words. Don’t hype the situation by using very technical or big words as it might make the girl inattentive and you could appear to be pretentious. Talk calmly and nicely.
  6. Make proper plans: Before you go ahead with your proposal, have a proper plan of action. This plan should include everything, from what you would be saying to the girl to where the date will take place. It is always better to plan things so that there are fewer chances of errors and unforeseen mistakes. This plan could be prepared based on your knowledge about the girl as a person or your observatory skills.
  7. Don’t be impatient: Most of the guys get very excited about the thought of asking out the girl they like. Excitement is good and acts as a motivator but make sure that your excitement does not ruin things and make you appear to be a desperate person. Be very patient and prepare yourself for a ‘NO’ as well so that you do not overreact at any situation that comes up. Take a deep breath and relax.
  8. Look in the eyes: Make sure that when you ask out a girl for a date, you look directly into her eyes and speak. The eye contact must, however, be decent and comforting not harsh and discomforting. If you look here and there while talking, it is a sign of you being less focused and distracted and girls HATE that. So, gather all your focus and put it to one place.
  9. Focus on how you look: This might sound vague in front of all the philosophical theories that looks don’t matter but the truth is looks do matter a bit. So, when you are planning to ask a girl for a date, try to look smart and decent. Wear neat and tidy clothes that make you look like a gentleman and not like some rowdy. Smell nice and have a decent hairstyle for yourself. 
  10. Be punctual: Don’t be late, be on time. When you give a girl some time to meet her be there at that time. Going before the time will also work but never a minute late. Your punctuality also decides your future in terms of dating your favorite girl