Here’s how to go ‘invisible’ on WhatsApp without deleting it.

WhatsApp helps you stay connected with friends, family, and people from work. It also allows you to easily share images, videos and important information with a large number of people. This has made the app very popular and also quite difficult to survive without. The enormous stress that this expectation places on you can be very frustrating, especially now that your read receipts, your blue ticks and last seen all indicate your presence to people on the other end. So if you too are tired of WhatsApp and think deleting it is the only way to get peace, think again.


This is exactly the WhatsApp trick that can help you do that without having to uninstall the app. So here is what you have to do:

  1. Open your Phone’s settings.
  2. Got to the Apps option and then choose WhatsApp.
  3. Click the option ‘Force stop’. Don’t worry, this will not uninstall your app.
  4. Then go to the data option. Here disable background data.

The next part of the trick is to revoke app permissions for Whatsapp.

  1. Open your Phone’s setting again.
  2. Choose the Apps again and then choose WhatsApp.
  3. Click on Permissions and disable all the options and this should essentially stop WhatsApp from working for whatever duration you need a break for.

Advantages of ‘Kill Switch’

Now you have activated the WhatsApp ‘kill switch’ and your WhatsApp is disabled, all you have to do to get it on again is to simply open the application. All your messages will start flooding back in and you wouldn’t miss out on any important information. The app would simply show people that you are offline for the duration of your break. This simple trick does more than just give you a breather from having to read and respond to so many messages. There are also a few other advantages to this WhatsApp trick.

The blue ticks and read receipts:

When you use this method, the messages don’t reach your phone until you choose to open the App again. The messages sent to you, or to the groups that you are a part of, will be stored in the server and hence the sender does not get a blue tick. In the case of groups, the message information shows that the message has not yet been delivered to you. This way, you cannot be held accountable to respond to any of these messages.

Credits: BBC

Full freedom to use the phone:

If you are using the internet through your phone, normally your WhatsApp stays active, bringing in heaps of messages and content. You are constantly distracted by pings and messages popping up on your screen when you are in the middle of a task. This can be very irritating. Using the method discussed above, you can avoid all kinds of notifications from WhatsApp. It is as though you don’t have the app on your phone, even without uninstalling it.

Credits: Daily Express

Internet speed:

WhatsApp tends to hog your internet speed by downloading media files while you are browsing or downloading something. This makes the bandwidth available for your other tasks slow not just on your phone but also to other devices connected over the same WiFi. Using the method above, WhatsApp usage of the internet is paused, allowing you to make use of the entire bandwidth according to your preference.