5 Killer Hacks to Boost your Creativity

Hacks to Boost Creativity

5 Killer Hacks to Boost your Creativity: In this ever progressing society, the need to be creative is increasing every minute. Both the corporate and organizational landscapes require their team or staff to be creative. Be it something like superbly packaged products, enticing marketing campaigns, innovation breakthroughs or something as ordinary as solving daily challenges in the workplace.

Creative thinking is not for the artistic people alone.

So, we will tell you of 7 killer ways to boost your creativity.

1. Take in, to Give out

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It is a widely accepted fact that your creativity gets a boost by learning and taking inputs. Many people believe that creativity comes in boosts and abruptly. However, we need to accept the fact that this is not true. You will notice that talking to your colleagues or reading a related article will start giving you new ideas. So, for better and creative ideas you need to take a decent amount of inputs to get a perfect idea.

2. Do What You Love

Do What You Love

Whenever you feel like you are stuck for new and creative ideas go and practice your hobby. Many established personalities like the renowned scientist Albert Einstein believed that doing what you love is the best way to learn.

Love and creativity are related. A hobby, such as playing an instrument or participating in sports, helps you relax and fight stress while improving your creative abilities.

3. Find Outside Inspiration

Find Outside Inspiration

Copying your competitor won’t give you your next best idea. You need to observe other industries for that. Ask yourself, which industry is dominating and why? Which brand are you loyal to and why? How can you implement that strategy for your own business or industry, Learning from other industries and noting, their trends definitely boosts your creativity.

4. Do Nothing

Do Nothing

Yeah! Doesn’t that sound crazy? But it works wonders. The best idea will come to you while you aren’t stressing your brain so much. It will hit you when you are getting a good night’s sleep or your mind wanders away in the shower. Any relaxing activity like driving, exercising, hiking, shopping can get you the next best idea.
For the next best idea just sit back and relax. Trust your brain and see the magic work.

5. Think of your Worst Idea

Worst Idea

Exactly what you read! When you are stuck for ideas, just step away from your current idea. Now think of your most useless ideas. Make a list of these ideas. Now give your creativity a stretch. Think of why you thought of these ideas? What is the best thing about each of these ideas? Looking at these ideas will take you to your next best idea!!

These 5 Killer hacks will definitely give your creativity a major boost. Try them out for yourself and let us know if they worked for you.


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