Each one of us is well aware of the famous saying that the first impression is our best impression. However, these impressions tend to change over time, but it is generally difficult to do so. Hence, it would always be a better idea to be a bit careful about how we present ourselves when meeting others. Some things are not connected with verbal usage but do affect your impression in the minds of the people. They are:

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  1. YOUR PERSONALITY: Personality includes everything. Be it the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress up, the way you sit, or the way you treat things and people. One should make sure that they always respect everything and everyone. Take special care of how you talk and the words you use while speaking for the first time. If you are a student, behave like one. If you are a professional, act like one. Pay attention to your attire and shoes. Wear well washed and tidy clothes. Style your hair properly. Iron your clothes properly and appear like a decent and educated person. People who do not dress properly put an impression of being messy, unorganized, and unclean. Always be hygienic, organized, and confident. People who are not sure put a bad impression on others. Always be confident and put your points forward. Sitting clueless puts a feeling that you are not confident enough to express yourself. Also, don’t be offensive and rude in your approach. Be positive and happy, and spread the same vibes around you. This puts a good impression on the people around you. Even if they are not talking to you, it will improve their perception of you.  
  2. PUNCTUALITY: Always be punctual. Being late puts an impression that you are not very serious about the other person’s time. This is a sign of disrespect. The other person will never take you seriously if you arrive late every day. It is not only about impression, but you are missing important discussions as well. If you arrive late, you might not be able to catch-up on the most crucial and essential points of the discussion. If your impression is that of a person who is not punctual, you might be treated as a procrastinator by others. As a result, you might lose on life-changing opportunities. In a competitive world where there are people with superior skills, these are the small things that could work wonders for you.
  3. BODY POSTURE AND GESTURES: Your postures and gestures put a lot of effect on your impression in the minds of the people. If you don’t have a proper posture according to the situation you are in, it might give the wrong impression. Having a very lose and lethargic body implies that you are tired and not ready to work. Yawning consistently means that the other person is unable to have your focus and attention, and the discussion is not interesting to you. Sitting in a bending position means that you are not paying attention to what the other person is talking about. So, always maintain a stiff and straight body posture that grabs everyone’s attention. Look in the eyes of the speaker at regular intervals. Keep smiling and do not make a straight face when to talk to someone as it might appear to be rude and unimpressive. The other person may not open up to you, owing to your facial expressions. Always remember to greet others if you are meeting someone for the first time or even for the thousandth time. Never forget to greet or say hello. Likewise, bid a farewell or say goodbye while leaving. These are small things but matters a lot.
  4. ATTENTIVENESS: While you are talking to a person, make sure that you are paying complete attention to your communication. If you get distracted, it might upset or even offend some people to the point where the person forms a negative impression of you as a person. Don’t shake your legs or put your head down or look around as it implies that you are distracted and lost in your thoughts. The other people can take you as a person who is not serious about his/ her commitments or does not respect the opinions of the people. Even if the other person is talking about something that does not interest or bothers you, pay a little attention to it. You might get to learn something new. Also, ask questions about whatever you have been talking about. This acts as a sign that you’ve heard everything and that you are a diligent and curious person. People who appear to be curious and wish to learn new things always put a good impression on people they are not even talking to.


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