Foods which help smokers to reduce smoking

Smoking is an addictive habit that kills millions of peoples every year. However, quitting smoking is a hard thing. Yet it is an important task to lead a happy and better life. This reduces one’s risk of lung cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. Though primarily you should have a firm belief and control in your smoking cessation program yet it is highly interesting to note that foods to have an important role. Here are some foods that help smokers reduce smoking.

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Milk and Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products have turned out to be the best solution to overcome and give-up smoking. It is widely reported that smokers often feel the taste of a cigarette after drinking milk. Smokers feel that their cigarettes taste bitter and sour after consuming dairy products. Also, smokers added that they gave up smoking only due to this reason. Also, dairy products play an important role in neutralizing the smoking effect. It is to be noted that smokers even felt vomiting sensation after consuming dairy products that made that drop cigarettes at times.

Fruits and Vegetables

Cigarettes add to the risk of vitamins and minerals deficiencies. They block the blood and tissues from absorbing essential nutrients such as calcium, and many vitamins like C and D. However, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in adequate quantities will help to neutralize this effect. It is highly shocking that one cigarette completely drains 25mg of calcium from the body.  Researchers state that consuming fruits reduces your passion for smoking and thus helps you eliminate your smoking habit. Fruits like apples, oranges, pears, and bananas help s in this smoking cessation process. Also, the role of vegetables cannot be neglected. Broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, and spinach are some of the best vegetables that can be used in this process.  Also, don’t skip your meal. This induces you to go for a cigarette when feeling hungry.

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Beverages like tea and coffee are the best ways to reduce your smoking habit. Narcotics are chemical substances used in cigarettes that makes one addicted to it. Tea and coffee too are additives to humans that do not cause much harm. Thus, you prefer beverages to cigarettes. It is said that ginseng tea is mostly used for reducing one’s addiction to cigarettes. This ginseng tea reduces the effect of dopamine present in the brain that helps you getting addicted to smoking. A must try idea if you are planning for a smoking cessation program.

Chocolates and Chewing Gums

Chewing gums and chocolates keep your mouth busy and thereby helping you forget about cigarettes and smoking. Also, they last longer than your cigarettes.  Smokers say that they don’t feel like smoking after having chocolates and chewing gums. Thus, a simple and cheap technique that can turn out to be effective.

Consume more Corn and Nuts

Add more corns and nuts to your diet. Popcorns and peanuts are some of the best foods for a smoker under resolution. Popcorns can be helpful both for avoiding smoking and to reduce the effects of smoking. It is high in fibre content and helps you keep your hands busy. Peanuts too can be used for this purpose. They play a major role in avoiding and reducing the effects of smoking.

The above mentioned are the foods that should be taken to reduce smoking and its after-effects. However, some foods should not be consumed during your resolution period. Here are the foods


These are highly tempting for a smoker to go for cigarettes, as they offer you the best combo. Also, they add to increasing cholesterol levels that further enhance your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods add to the risk of cardiovascular and many other diseases. With no sort of nutritional values, they tend to increase the risk of many dangerous diseases. Also, they tempt you to go for cigarettes and alcohol.

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This is probably another killer substance being consumed all over the world. It is another addictive that kills nearly millions of people all around the world. Perhaps most smokers are addicted to alcohol. Thus, completely try to avoid alcohols, if you are planning for a smoking cessation program.  It is important to note that the elimination of alcohol increases the chances of success of cigarette cessation program.

So what now?

It is a known fact that quitting smoking is hard but improving your diet at the same time will play a major role in this process. Also, patience and control are two major factors that govern the success of your resolution. One cannot expect the fruit after 1-2 weeks of planting a seed. Wait for some time to enjoy real success.


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