Foods for your Winter cravings – 12 Authentic places to eat

Winter can actually make you hungrier. Cold weather can trigger those cravings for warm, rich foods. Of course, just because we might be more likely to carve chocolate cake, a bowl of cheese, spicy foods that can satisfy our appetite. Indian cuisine consists of a wide verity of regional and traditional cuisines. With the approaching winter season and increasing appetites, it’s time to prep-up you in deliciously warm delicacies booked especially for the winter season. Just prepare to dig into fresh foods for winter in India.  Here some of the 12 authentic places to taste winter foods in India.

1. Chai, Assam

Ek cup chai milenga? This question is very common in India. Of course, there is no winter food without a warm cup of chai. Tea is known for its bright colour rich flavour and aroma, Assam is known as the tea capital of the world. A visit to Assam is certainly incomplete without a cup of tea. This beverage soothes our body in cool weather.

Credits: Unravel India

2. Channa Bhatura, Uttar Pradesh

It is a combination of chana masala (spicy white chickpeas) and bhatura, a fried bread made from Maida. This is a dish originated initially in Uttar Pradesh and now this is famous invariably in the north. It is unbeatably satisfying when it is served among the hot winter foods.

Credits: Grandma’s Kitchen

3. Pav Bhaji, Maharashtra

Pav bhaji is a fast food dish from India, consisting of soft bread served with a thick vegetable curry. Pav bhaji has many variations in ingredients and garnishes which include cheese pav bhaji, fried pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji, mushroom pav bhaji etc. This is a mouth-watering food that fills our craving of calories in winter.

Credits: Pipping Pot Curry

4. Kebab, Delhi

Whoever thought grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in aromatic Indian spices couldn’t give you joy should think again. A lot to be thankful for the Mughals as kebabs are one of them. Next time when you visit Delhi try this popular dish and will be hooked forever. It is so warm even while thinking of kebab served hot with sauces and salads. This is a perfect dish to be included in your menu during winter

Credits: NYT Cooking

5. Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Bengal

This s a sweet dish made from date palm jaggery which is only found in winters. Bengal is known for various types of sandesh, the most popular being the nolen gurer sandesh. Over the years sandesh found its place in the modern world of desserts. This dish makes the start of the winter season and is the ultimate mouthful of sweetness!

Credits: Mix and Stir

6. Nihari, Lucknow

Nihari is traditionally beef soup curry, although it can be cooled with chicken or mutton. Cooked overnight and consumed as a breakfast dish across different areas as a Lucknow, this dish is usually accompanied by soft puris and parathas. Because the dish is cooked overnight the resultant meat is tender, and extremely flavorful and the best combination for crispy winter mornings.

Credits: NDTV Food

7. Beetroot Thoran, Kerala

Beetroot thoran is a traditional dish from Kerala cooked with beetroot, turmeric, grated coconut and chillies is generally served with warm steamed rice. This dish is popular among south and is usually consumed for lunch meals. It is easy to prepare and stir-frying beetroot gives a rich flavour to the dish that is the perfect treat for your taste buds in winter.

Credits: Veg Recipies of India

8. Raab, Rajastan

Raab is the healthy drink that can drive away even the strongest of winter chills. It is essentially a type of porridge prepared using millet flour. Raab is found as a part of both Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisines. Not only it treats with the taste but also helps in increasing body immunity. This would be a perfect drink for healthy winter habits.


9. Halwa, Tamil Nadu

Thirunelveli halwa in Tamil Nadu is indisputably the most famous source of halwa in southern states. The recipe uses a large amount of sugar and ghee and even though it stays open only for a few hours the rush of customers is a testament to the taste and quality of halwa. It’s time to ditch your diet and enjoy the mouthful of sweetness as a perfect winter dessert.

Credits: Swasthi’s Recipies

10. Lapsi, Gujarat

This is a sweet dish unique to Gujarat and often consumed as a breakfast dish. Variants of it are also easily found across areas such as Udaipur and Jaipur, and this sweet mixture is cooked as a treat to mark auspicious occasions. Sweet dishes are never referred to as ‘dessert’ in Rajasthan, because unlike desserts which are served after a meal, Rajasthani sweets are served before, during and after the meal.

Credits: WeReceipes

11. Rogan Josh, Kashmir

Rogan josh, also written as roghan josh is an aromatic curried meat dish of Kashmiri origin. It is made with red meat, traditionally lamb or goat. It is coloured and flavoured primarily by alkanet flower or root and Kashmiri chillies.  It is one of the signature dishes of Kashmiri cuisine. This keeps you warm in cold winters. The fact that the mutton melts in your mouth with every bite is just cherry on the cake.

Credits: MyHeartBeats

12. Thupka, Tibet

This Tibetan noodle soup is so good that bowl of it is never just enough. This dish is the perfect example of Indo-Tibetan food which is well flavoured with garam masala. There are numerous varieties of thukpa available in Tibetan tradition which include thenthuk, gyathuk etc. This flavoured broth and piping hot veggie bowl perfect to keep you warm and cosy. The noodle soup concept sits well on the palate and is a perfectly appetizing bowl of comfort as food in the winter.

Credits: HungryForever

These are some of the dishes you never wanna miss especially during winter.


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