Five times when Diljith showed us fashion goals

There are only few male celebrities in the Bollywood industry that puts high effort in looking good like on a red carpet. Their dressing style is always appreciated and often comes off as a fashion icon or style. The Punjabi singer Diljith Dosanjh is one such star whose public appearance shows odd fashion goals. From casual traditional cloths to brands like Gucci and Balenciaga, he carries off everything in style. Here are five times when Diljith showed us unforgettable fashion goals.

1. The dapper dan necklace from Gucci

The dapper dan necklace from Gucci is Diljiths favorite accessory and he often wears it with his outfits giving off a statement look. With thick twisted chain and a huge pendant, the accessory goes off with almost everything. While he keeps the looks simple, it is a fashion luxury too.

Credits: MensXP

2. Chevron Jacket

The black and red striped Chevron jacket by Gucci that Diljith wears has often stolen the limelight of the Red Carpet. He wears them more often than usual and carries off the jacket in full style. Paired with matching turban and accessories, we can truly say that he does justice to the jacket.

Credits: CharmBoards

3. Hawaiian Shirt

While it may look so bright and outrageous at the first sight, the sunset motif shirt was carried off in style by Diljith. He made the whole set look simple and casual and the shirt was quite a hit. The design of course caught attention and many were inspired by it and took it to experiment their looks and style.

Credits: GQIndia

4. Double denims

Denims are a fashion statement of its own. It has to be paired with the right dress to do complete justice to the outfit. Now imagine carrying off the look in double denims. Only Diljith san carry of such a style that requires twice the thinking and do complete justice to it while keeping it simple yet attention catching.

Credits: MensXp

5. Balenciaga coat

The black, white and yellow jacket with Balenciaga logo at center was a hit among his fans, Bollywood actors and directors and even the genera public. While Karan Johar was seen spotting the same looks in an airport, he couldn’t carry it off the was Diljith did.



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