Does she love you? 5 clear signs to make the next move

Are you crazy about each other? Thinking if you are friend zoned? ‘You are Just friends’ says colleagues, but you know there is something more than that. But unsure? That’s how the relationship works. There is a strange feeling between you two unexpressed. You can’t stop noticing. The truth is that even she feels the same way. Whether you agree or not. She is not like any other random girl that you talk to. But how do you say that you love her with confidence? You don’t want to miss her just by asking her out! You need enough proof, and that’s why you are here.

1. You being First- that’s what makes her happy

She is always the first one to respond to whatever you do or anything that you say. You get acknowledged immediately, and she believes that she is the first person to talk to you. She gives you more important than anyone else and has all the attention of you. Whenever you need someone to listen- tadda! She is there. This is the first and foremost thing you realize that you are in love

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2. Involvement and consistency

People may think anything wrong about this. But she gives a damn. She loves to be involved in everything that you are. This might be overwhelming sometimes. But it’s out of control. The kind of rapport that she builds with you is obvious. Whether you go to a supermarket or just a tea stall, she volunteers only to be involved in your routines.

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3. Lame Jokes Theory

This is very commonly said. Even if she laughs for your stupid lame jokes. This works major because she tries to catch your attention now and then. And since you create such opportunities, she thinks it’s funny. Also whether she enjoys the jokes or not, she thinks it’s adorable. A lot of friends may surround you, but she is there to spend the time with you. So even your lame jokes are reasons to laugh around you

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4. A fire of possessiveness

She looks differently at you. When other girls are talking to you, her eyes are all over you. When it comes to the bond between you both its quite indefinable. She will not be able to express that she is feeling possessive about you but unable to show that in front of everyone. Every move she takes after that is dominating and attractive.

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5. Those golden moments

Whenever you catch her looking at you, she instantly shies away. She put her head down and shows that she is distracted. Also, she always remembers what you say and surprises every time. With no reason she gives presents, create situations to be with you. She has also stood by you no matter what. Right or wrong according to her secondary. She needs to prove her love and that she is there for you.

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Think clearly before making a pass on the girls because you may assume that she has feelings, but never at all, it was reciprocated. These are some ways in which you can find out at least in the initial stages.


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