Pornhub Reveals Women Watches Pornhub on Their Phones More Often Than Men


While the world was celebrating International Women’s Day 2017, Pornhub collectively got a data which has the detailed research about how much of the porn is consumed by women than man will keep your mouth opened.

The research says, 72% of the total traffic on the Pornhub are via mobile phone / smart phones and among which women ratio is far greater than the men’s. It says that almost 80% of all the female lovers of Pornhub visits via their mobile phones / Tablets and leaves the desktop visits for men.

But older women yet prefer to watch porn on their desktops as compared to the interests of youngster’s choice. Even though 78% of all the women traffic on Pornhub is from the age group 18-34 who uses mobile devices like Smart phones / Tablets but above that age group nearly 50% of them uses mobile phone and rest of them uses desktops.

Talking about the operating systems used, Windows wins the race in Desktops and the overall trafiic is almost 84% as compare to that of other OS and Android in Mobile phones which wins the race by 53% as compared to that of iOS. In both the devices Chrome Browser wins the race for playing Pornhub videos efficiently. 🙂

Well, you would be amazed to read the entire blog on the official website here.


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