Letting Go Your Love: Why is it so Hard Even if it’s the Right Thing to do

If the relationship is breaking due to any circumstances. letting go your partner can never be easy and especially when you both love each other.

Every change (good or bad) comes with some kind of loss attached. For example, if you pass out from school, you have the excitement of going to college but you are leaving behind your school fun, friends, lots of memories, teachers behind you.
Even when you quit a job that you hate the most, you are leaving behind the colleagues you might have loved the most, your workstation, your memories there.

Exactly the same thing applies to the relationships too. You know, you are moving on for the good and your life might lead you to something better but even then you’ll lose all the good which was there. You guys maybe knowing each others’ favourite food, favourite place to be in the holidays, memories with many objects, etc.

This is the common scenario if one is breaking up with other after a long term serious relationship where both of you or you loved each other or your partner the most and have had imagined your whole life with them.

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It’s kind of funny that you are leaving someone who you love for the better and grieving over it but that’s natural and no one can help you in getting over it but yourself by some points that we have mentioned below:

1.) Be alone for some time and get your mind right:

After breaking up with your loved ones, you’ll suddenly realize something very important is missing from your life and everything associated with your partner will make you miss them more and more which will make you week emotionally. But that’s the time where you need to talk to yourself and get your mind right.

Even if you are jumping in another relationship soon after your breakup with loved ones, you will not be able to overcome that feeling about your ex and you will be unknowingly affecting your present relationship too. Hence it’s better to be alone for some time and get your mind right and focus on other things.


2.) Keep yourself busy:

As discussed earlier, soo after you break up with your loved ones, you will suddenly feel alone. The best way to deal with it is to replace your partner with something you want to do like, more work, working out, anything that keeps you motivated and doesn’t allow you to get your mid off of it. If you aren’t filling that space with people, rather fill it with different activities.

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3.) Keep an optimistic perspective:

It’s natural to feel low when you don’t have the one who you loved but you have to think, if you have broken up with him/her that is because you want good for yourself. Hence control your emotions and get the clarity of missing your partner and spending time with another person.

Think about other things that give reason to your life and inspire you to live more for them and continue with the same.

4.) Get involved in fun activities:

It’s normal to cut-off yourself from socializing activities after a breakup. But after sometime indulge yourself in some fun activities like, watching movies, lunch/dinner with friends and families, etc which can help you in both the short and long term.

It’s really difficult to let go, someone, you love/loved. But whatever happens, happens for the best. Stay positive and move on in life, There’s a lot waiting for you in life. Enjoy it..!!


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