Is Sex Important for a Relationship?

Is Sex Important for a Relationship

When we start dating someone, the feeling is different. We start thinking of our partner every now and then. Everything seems to be beautiful. We feel butterflies in our stomach whenever we think or talk about them. We want to be with them all the time.

But when the relationship goes on and we settle, it is mostly seen that the spark we had in the initial days of our relationship has faded and that is natural. It’s very normal to be used to someone.

But if it seems abnormal to anyone than one should try to know what’s wrong and why.

We all are different hence every relationship are definitely different. When someone is having less sex as compared to that of initial days, doesn’t mean that their relationship is in trouble. Everyone has different priorities in their lives and if someone’s sex life has been affected or has become less frequent doesn’t mean that something’s wrong. It’s completely normal to have a slowed sex life when we are focused on different goals in our lives.

A man’s part is different from a woman’s

But sex as a part of a relationship is important to have. We will discuss some points on why sex is important for a relationship:

1.) Sex increases respect and trust:

Sharing your love with your partner is kind of a trust you have on them but when you are physically involved and you let someone have sex with you, you also trust your partner with your body and it leads to more respect and trust. The more sex you have with your partner more trust you build.

2.) Sex grows intimacy:

When Sex is less, physical intimacy is less and when physical intimacy is less the communication in a relationship is affected and it can be a reason for a relationship to suffer.
Generally, physical intimacy leads or regular sex leads to a positive attitude in a relationship which is important in order to maintain regular communication, increase in trust, feeling loved and happy.

3.) Sex deepens bonds:

Two bodies come together while making love and they are both vulnerable to emotional and physical values. Sex becomes very pure when both the partners are emotionally close to each other and leads to deepening the bond of love and trust.

4.) Sex helps you become fit and stress-free:

The study from PLOS ONE says, “Women burns 69 calories and Men burns 100 calories for a 25-minute session”. These are the results that people gain when they are in the gym regularly and workout for hours. Hence more and frequent sex also keeps you fit. It also helps you to be stress-free and bust your stress in minutes and helps you recharge your body.

5.) Having Sex is always fun:

when two agreed partner are involved in sex, it’s always fun. You fulfil your fantasies and live your dream with your partner and also explore whatever gives you more pleasure. Sex is basically art for having fun.

Having sex is not only the basic need of a relationship but it’s also an opportunity to talk and approach each other with your version of thoughts.
Honest communication is very much required for both relationship and sex to satisfy each other. Have safe sex.


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