I Love You but I am not in Love with You: How to Tackle

I Love You but I am not in Love with You

Nothing’s better to hear than “I Love You” from your crush and nothing’s worst to hear than “I Love You But…” from your crush. Unfortunately, it’s been happening a lot lately. People sometimes get depressed or suffer from lots of issues like losing focus, can’t trust anybody else, etc which is very natural.

This happens generally when two people are in a relationship and one of them starts falling out of love with the other partner. This can happen from several relationship issues like an unmatched conversation, communication gap, Sec related issues(Is Sex Important for a Relationship?), etc.

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Knowing that your partner doesn’t love you anymore as he/she used to is always devastating but one cannot push others to be in a relationship they don’t want to be in. If it happens to you then you can tackle the situation in the following manner:

1.) Listen to your partner and get to the bottom of the problem:

It’s never easy to listen to your partner when they say, “I Love You but I am not in Love with You” and it’s completely natural to have a mixed feeling of being angry and sad at the same time. But you should also think of your partner that, it might not have been easier for them too to tell you the truth. Hence try to get to the bottom of the problem.

One should not agree to whatever the other one’s telling, but should always keep their own point and make other to re-think about it but you should always listen to the real problem and try to figure out where is all that coming from and why is he/she not comfortable now.

2.) Try to analyse your thought and think if you too want the same:

If you ever thought, there’s something wrong in your relationship, Now is the time to think and analyse, are you really happy with the relationship that you guys are sharing and are on the same page?
Don’t let yourself to react negatively in this situation which is very natural after listening to your partner’s thought of, “I Love You but I am not in Love with You”. Take a deep breath and think about the relationship you share with her and are you happy with it and then respond to your partner.

3.) Think and Decide, if the time has come to leave and move on or you want to fight for it:

After your partner has told you everything about his/her feelings and is willing to get apart from you then there’s nothing you can do to save that relationship and you should respect his/her thought and let them do whatever they want. But if there are willing to listen to your thought and are open to your thoughts then it’s time to think if you want to fight for the relationship or you want to let them go from your life.

There are a lot of ways to make things alright in between both of you but all that matters is the intention of getting back together. But if it’s too late and things are not going to be good again then you should analyse it and move on individually.

4.) Do you want to stay friends after the breakup?

If it has reached to break apart and move on in life than there lies a question if you want to be in touch with your partner in the future or not?
Generally, if this kind of breakup happens, it’s tough for one or both of them to be in touch with each other even as a friend. But sometimes that circumstances are different if separation involves marriage, house, kids then it becomes necessary to be in touch and one cannot completely cut off from their partner.

You should be sure of what you’re doing and never sacrifice your self-respect and well being to stay connected with your ex. You need to move on and focus on the things you’re doing. Breaking up with someone is tough but it gets tougher if you don’t overcome it.

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5.) Have a Positive attitude in bad circumstances too:

As we mentioned earlier, it’s really devastating to go through this situation and really hard to listen to the words like, “I Love You but I am not in Love with You” from your partner but you need to stay positive and think of your partner telling you the truth now, because it’s could be more painful to get over him/her when it’s late but knowing the truth now can help you get over in time.

There are many other types of love in your life like your parents and Family love, love towards your pet, etc. Take your time to look at the things around you and move on, stay focused and keep yourself busy to keep distracted.

Stay positive and wait for something which you deserve. Remember, there’s always something better waiting for you in life.


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