Dating trends of 2020 – What you need to know?

A lot has changed over the past decade in terms of development, technology and even relationships. 10 years ago if someone told about online dating, it would have been hard to believe. But today with apps like tinder and bumble and ok cupid standing on top of the market, the dating scenario has totally changed and of course it is not going to stop. While once upon a time, one needs to think of how to impress a girl or a guy during their first date or how to ask them out again, today we have other things to worry about such as getting ghosted and bamboozled. So what do you think might be the trends in dating at the beginning of this decade? Here is what we think

1. Flea Bagging

While this is something most of us would have done in the past, it is not going away anywhere any soon. Flea bagging means to repeatedly date someone who is not good for you. You know they are not good and yet you can’t walk away and lets them treat you the way they want. More like a bad boy syndrome, flea bagging is something that can be seen high on the rise currently.

2. Jekyll

This is quite common in the online dating world. It is a scenario where the person seems to be someone different and sweet before you know them and someone totally opposite when you reject them. They might compliment you and get you surprises and spend time with you in the initial stages and soon you can see their nasty face the moment you reject them and decide to move on. Many men and women out there can relate to these experiences especially if they decided to meet via dating apps.

3. Rossing

Taken from the famous American Sitcom ‘Friend’, the term refers to the sort of situation ross ended up in when they decided to be on a break. It is a scenario where you start dating someone but is not officially a couple and they go off with someone else due to lack of communication around the relationship.  This is very common with dating scenarios changed into online dating and video dating.

Credits: Psychology Today

4. Dial Toning

Dial Toning is a modern-day phenomenon much like ghosting. However, the person just vanishes once they share their number with you. However much you try to reach out to them by texting and calling, you are not going to get a response. The only thing one can do in such situations is to move on rather than waiting for a response from them that may never happen.

5. Cause Playing

Have you ever been in a situation where your former date texts you asking for favour mostly related to charity and events? Well then, you have been causing played. Cause play is a trend in the dating works where a former flame contacts you only to ask for favours for their benefit. Most of the people who are single and have a feeling for their former dates often fall for this.

6. Type Casting

This has been in trend for quite some time and it seems to be on the rise. Typecasting is when you date or don’t date looking at compatibility in terms of sun signs, astrology and even personality tests. With many dating apps, offering such services to check on their match, typecasting is more common than ever. The next time you decide not to a date certain sun sign because of compatibility, well then, you have just typecast them.

7. Dogfishing

This is a term that is meant for the men out there who puts out pictures of themselves in online platforms in a misrepresenting manner. It is often we find guys posting pictures in online dating apps with dogs, showing off their body and much more. This often gives an idea to the onlookers that the guy must be sweet and caring or must be enthusiastic about fitness. However, my darlings, it is just a picture. And the reality might be far.

Credits: AskMen

8. Eclipsing

Have you noticed that you and your partner have the same hobbies or that you guys have decided to take up your interest and hobbies as theirs too? Eclipsing is the scenario where your partner decides to take up the same interests you have as their too. While it can be exciting in the beginning to share the same interests and hobbies, don’t forget that it would soon be overwhelming just because the other person is not really interested but just wants to tag along.

Wrap Up

Now that you know about the current dating trends, go out there and enjoy. And of course, keep these in mind when you start meeting someone new or get together with someone. You would know how to deal with these situations, now that you know they are trending.



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