Casual Wear Makes the Real Trend-Here is Why

Fashion is not applicable not just when it comes to functions or gatherings. You can show of your styles even in your casual outfits. While jeans, crop tops, shorts all have been part of casual wear styles, what is trending right now are short frocks and dresses. These are quite comfortable and can be worn in any weather. The frocks that are in trend today lengths upto the knees or below them making on elook not just trendy but cute and hot too. There are various styles that have come up in these frocks as well. Here are some of them.

1.  Off shoulder dresses

When off shoulder tops came into the industry, they became an instant hit. Off shoulder dresses also follow the same path. With puff hands or plain simple hands that are off shoulders, they rewrite fashion. These dresses are commonly seen in cotton blended materials and in various patterns and always in the top of the Casual Wear outfits.

Credits: The Indian Express

2. Button front dresses

Buttons have always been part of making a fashion statement. The latest trend in frocks is the front button dresses. The buttons are in large and visible sizes and even in various styles that make the dress look more trendy. Button front dresses are mostly seen in plain color or checkered pattern to make a stale statement with the buttons


3. Halter dresses

Halter necks are always fashionable. Just the neck of your frock can make a great style statement. Simple frocks with minimal designs would always look great with a halter neck. Halter necks also go along with dresses that are either full length or below the knees.

Credits: Pinterest

4. Linen dresses

One of the biggest advantage of linen dresses is that they take the shape of your body and make you look great. Linen dresses can either be as simple as a plain one color or it can be experimented with patterns and cuttings. Whatever it be, there would be no compromise on looks when it comes to linen dress.

5. Wrap/tie front dresses

Much like the button front dresses and wrap around skirts, these have been in trend for quite some time. The wrap that comes in front along with the tie, make its own shape and style. Whereas for tie front dresses, the bow is the new style. Half tied belts or loose tied belts are also common for these type of frocks.

Credits: Pinterest

Frocks is one of the most preferred casual wear for its levels of comfort and easiness. With these new styles coming up, it has become a dress to show off your taste in fashion too.


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