All you need to Know about Anubhav Mittal and Social Trade: Journey from Zero to 3700 Crores


At the age of 26, Anubhav Mittal surprised everyone by raising a company worth Rs 3700 crore and its next step was to beat Facebook. Anubhav Mittal was going to give a lot of detail to his thwart business from February. In a video posted by the company on January 27 on YouTube, it has been claimed that the company will launch India’s social networking platform on the lines of Facebook soon. Along with this, there was a plan to land in the call centre and e-commerce business.


Mittal gave the name of social commerce to e-commerce. He claimed that through this he would make available the most expensive products of big companies at very low prices to the investors of social trades. For this he also claimed to have contracts with many logistics companies. The experience for social networking platforms and e-commerce had almost completed all the preparations. In February, they had to be launched through the big program. Mittal has claimed in the video that his social networking platform will be bigger and stronger than Facebook, because Facebook does not have the actual audience (users), while all its users on social media are real.

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Anubhav Mittal presented the idea to the investors by connecting it with the Digital India program. Not only this, Mittal showed people emotionally by adding each of their decisions to the country’s interest, adding to the development of the country and adding to the interest of investors. The Mind Experience of the Thugs of Rs. 3700 Crore from Seven Lacs People was a very strong mind from the time of Mittal’s College.He first used sharp minds in the software and hardware business, but he did not succeed if he was involved in a fraud business. In August -2015, he made an online portal with the name of from Ablaze Company and earned upto 3700 crores by January 2017.

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Before the social trade, the business of the Ablaze company was just a few lakh rupees. In the one and a half years, when the company’s business grew rapidly, the experience showed a loss of Rs 4.5 crore in 2016 to escape from Income Tax Department. After the company was in constant loss, the experience continued to organize millions of rupees and programs with Bollywood stars to promote social trades. With these money, he bought two expensive properties and many expensive cars in Noida. Apart from this, he travelled abroad many times via airplane. The brain of Anubhav has become very successful in the business of fraud. He always brought a new idea to entice investors. The motive was the same that more and more people become members of the society and the money can be used.

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According to STF DSP Rajkumar Mishra, if any company is in deficit, then how was it planning to move its nearly 400 Diamond Club investors to Australia? After the experience of the arrest, big investors of the company are coming out who have thousands of members for their profits. A woman approached to support outside the Noida Sector-63 company, claiming that she had connected one thousand women to the company and all of them are housewives. On the other hand, a person from Bulandshahr made 9500 members of Social Trade. Now the trouble is in front of them that people who have been formed by them are now demanding their money back from them.

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STF DSP Rajkumar Mishra said that there have been some complaints on the email in which the PPT is sent to the investors by the company. In this PPT the company is showing a number of well-known companies to be their customers in order to convince investors for making the investments. The company had claimed through the PPT that the renowned companies did business with social trade for the digital marketing. In reality, the company has no customers who were paying them for the business.


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