How did Abu Salem Managed to Become the Right Hand of Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim

Abu Salem & Dawood Ibrahim

Abu Salem Became the Right Hand of Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim:

1993 Explosion

The TADA court can pronounce the sentence for seven accused including underworld don Abu Salem in the second phase of the 1993-series explosion case. In the first phase of the hearing in 2007, the TADA court convicted hundred accused in this case, while 23 were acquitted.

It is noteworthy that after absconding, Abu Salem, who was responsible for making Dawood’s sultanate as Azamgarh, took over. Abu Salem’s father was a respected lawyer in the Saraiyam police station of Azamgarh and the family was very big. After his death in his road accident, all the responsibilities had come to Abu Salem. To handle the family, Salem started the motor mechanic in the village itself. Subsequently, Abu went to Delhi to run the taxi.

How did Abu Salem Managed to Become the Right Hand of Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim?

After that he reached Mumbai and even there he tried hand in taxi driver, bread delivery and clothes shop. Meanwhile, he also worked as a real estate broker. During the working of taxi driver, in 1987, he met Anis Ibrahim, brother of Underworld Down Dawood Ibrahim. Through Anees, he came in contact with Dawood and seeing his right hand became a right hand.

Abu Salem & Dawood Ibrahim

After this, on the request of Dawood Ibrahim, Salem started the extortion of Bollywood artists from stars and big businessmen. From his panic, the film artist began to appear in his parties and the amount of recovery began to arrive.

Abu Salem’s first victim was Mumbai’s builder Pradeep Jain. Pradeep was murdered in 1995. Not only this, on his thirteenth day, calling Jain’s wife on the day said, “Do you have the pleasure of being a widow.”

Making money in movies and getting to work for favorite artists had become a hobby of Abu. When Abu Salem asks musician Gulshan Kumar to get 5 lakh rupees every month. Gulshan Kumar denied that he would make Bhandara in Vaishno Devi by giving so many rupees. The angry Salem soon killed Gulshan’s day with a very dangerously aggressive shooter king. It is said that the shooter Raja had kept his phone on about 10 to 15 minutes during the killing of Gulshan Kumar so that Gulshan Kumar’s screams could hear Abu Salem.

In the Mumbai bomb blast, Abu Salem gave arms and ammunition to his colleagues with Dawood Ibrahim. Salem handed over AK 56 rifles, 250 cartridges and some grenades to actor Sanjay Dutt at his house in 1993. Abu Salem was extradited from Portugal in 2013.

Things to be Noted for Indian Law:

Salem is in jail and is still waiting for the sentence of court in order to get punished while it is already clear that he was the hand behind the series explosion. He is put in the jail but who know how much liberty has been given to him to operate his gang from the jail itself as that of Shahabuddin.

Indian Government is not restricting terrorists to stop the violence rather they are giving them a platform to sit in peace and then operate their gang. whereas the punishment system should be quick and set an example for the country so that next time no such problem takes place in the country.

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