6 Indian foods that will definitely make your mouth watery

Working on the views of Indian Visitors, we have researched and came to the conclusion forĀ 6 Indian foods that will definitely make your mouth watery.

  1. Masala Dosa: South Indian Food which is very much preferred by all the citizens of India an according to the research it has been proved that foreigners who has been trying this comes across the Indian Dhaba and order the same dish again and again.



  2. Fish Pamphlet: This is one of the most desired sea food invented in Maharashtra state of India and is very much desired by North and south Indians.

  3. Paneer Tikka: It’s one of Most liked dish by the North Indians. The mouth watery flavor and the delicious taste of this dish would definitely drive you crazy once you try this. It is mostly preferred to eat while have a quality time while drinking hard drinks.

  4. Raj Kachori: No Comments for this, lets welcome the desires of the visitors for this dish..

  5. Tandoori Tangri: This Delicious dish is most preferred by Punjabis and and one of the best Non-Veg dish one could ever try in Delhi and NCR region.Tandoori-Tangri

  6. Bhel Puri: This street food is very much famous among Indians as it is preferred by all the age groups. Most of all it’s “Chatpata” taste will make you addicted to try this food again and again.



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