Top Sites to find the Best Wallpapers for Desktop

Are you wondering where to get the best wallpaper for your desktop? We have gathered the list of sites where you can get the right wallpaper for your desktop over the internet. Wait! We missed something. Oh yeah! They are completely available for free. Now you don’t have to screenshot and goof around. These sites do not just have wallpaper for desktop but mobiles, tablets, and laptop and of all size. Also, they have different categories starting from abstract to nature, constructions to party themes. Now you can get the best wallpapers for your desktop easily.

1. WallpaperStock

“Thousands of Wallpapers available,” this is not a gimmick. There are thousands of wallpaper available over wallpaper stock. They look stunning, unique, and available at High Quality. You have diverse categories not just based on the theme but also the size. For example, there are options like Normal, HD, Tablet, Widescreen, Mobile screen. All you need to do is to pick the best wallpapers for your desktop which rightly fits in. WallpaperStock allows you to subscribe for the RSS to get the updates on trending wallpaper in each category that you have chosen.

Credits: WallpaperStock

2. Vladstudio

Vladstudio is one of the top pick sites to get the best unique wallpaper for free over the internet. Just visit their site, and you will understand why. The wallpapers listed here are completely original, and they can give a beautiful appearance for your screen. You can also customize the sizes based on your screen. Also, there is an option for dual and triple monitor wallpaper features which is not available with any other sites. Even though the quality is brilliant, there are only a few types of wallpaper available for free.

Credits: Vladstudio

3. Desktoppr

It is one of the favorite desktop services available over the internet. Desktoppr is a great place to get new wallpapers. By just signing up with the dropbox, you always get some pictures straight to your inbox. All the pictures of the Desktoppr are high-quality images, and weekly; they are updated with new ones. The user may have the separate collection of favorite wallpapers you want. Create an account to sync, and there you go. Desktoppr is also responsive, based on the picture you pick as favorite they display similar pictures on the feed.

Credits: Desktoppr


The unique feature about is that their pictures get updated based on the relevance. The site has 60,000 pictures available for free, and you can always pick what you love. Whenever the designer or photographers upload the pictures, they display on the newest category. You can also browse for the wallpapers based on the resolution you need. However they are criticized for the bad navigation, but still, they would be matched up in the next update. In there is an anime tab which gives a great quality of colorful wallpapers on your favorite characters.


5. DevianArt

DevianArt is a wallpaper with artistic images. It is unique, original, and highly creative. DevianArt embraces much digital art in their site. There are different categories like revolutionary wallpapers, popular figures, and minimalist posters found in this site. They encourage users, and many of these arts are submitted by them as well. Especially if you are just a design aspirant, you can find many inspirations from this site. Since they are user responsive in each category, they may not be in order. Also, you may not get wallpapers of a certain size. But still, the multi-display wallpaper is highly appreciated.

Credits: DevianArt

 6. Social Wallpapering

When wallpaper was now to the desktop era, when we all fantasized about the wallpapers, the Social Wallpapering was introduced. This site still one of the places where you get the best wallpaper for desktop. They are organized, and quality is impeccable. They are also being voted by man users still now for their simplicity and uniqueness in the pictures. Good navigation style and browse for the fixed category. Social wallpapering formed a community of designers and users to interact easily and get some updated pictures through mail. There is also a column for the submission and even your posters are wallpapers can be listed there.

Credits: SocialWallpapering

7. Wallhaven

Wallhaven is one of the favorite places where you get free wallpaper for the desktop. The website mostly has original work, and these pictures cannot be found anywhere else. You may feature like filtering; this is found in the category. The subcategories can be chosen, and you can do a specific search. There is a random button, as well. If you don’t have an idea of what you are searching the random button will list the best pictures that are available on Wallhaven. Also, the feature like ‘Similar to existing one’ can help you track the kind of category that you might be interested in.  It is criticized for some of the pictures which may not be suitable for the children to use it.

Credits: Wallhaven

8. The fox is Black

The fox is black is a free wallpaper site that has amazing, trending and modern wallpapers.  They are digital arts with modern thoughts. We are sure that the pictures found here will not be seen anywhere else.  They are curated by the admin, so we get new pictures every day. Importantly they are optimized for mobile screens as well. Now, people who use an iPhone or iPad, even they can get these pictures downloaded. But the only problem is when the old pictures are not stored in the database while curating every week. You can get multiple resolution pictures available under various categories. Users highly appreciate them because some of the pictures are available in different sizes and for different gadgets.

Credit: FoxisBlack


There are no ways that we can include all the free sites. However, these are the top 10 sites to find the best wallpaper for your desktop. Even though the images are available all over the internet, even now people are in chase of the high-quality wallpapers for the desktop screens. Like if you had a long day start searching for the best wallpapers, you might feel relaxed and seeing that every day keeps you go with the flow.


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