Is it right to blame PUBG?

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole. Millions of people across the globe play this game and most of them are addicted to it. The adrenaline rush one gets on winning this game is simply unmatched. It is one of the reasons why players keep coming back to it. PUBG mobile addiction is a grave problem that cannot be dismissed lightly. It is impacting the players adversely.

Over 50 million copies of the game have been sold and it has over 400 Million players including the desktop as well as mobile version. Though, PUBG received positive responses from gaming world and has won many accolades, including Game of the Year nominations; there is a controversy regarding its addiction, as the game is repeatedly being banned by governments and schools around the world.

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Addiction to PUBG

Several people around the world suffer from different kinds of addictions including drug addiction, mobile addiction and TV addiction to name a few. The latest to join the bandwagon is the PUBG mobile game addiction and this one is proving to be the worst of all. It is highly addictive to kids and teens of many countries.

The magnitude of its addictiveness can be understood from the statement that it is believed to be more addictive than drugs and many youngsters are wasting their time by playing this game for hours long. People addicted to PUBG are so hooked to the game that they often skip their meals and important tasks just to play the game. This addiction has also resulted in erratic sleep patterns which is a cause of great concern. Numerous mental and physical health issues have been noticed in PUBG addicts.

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What Makes PUBG Mobile Game so addictive?                                                     

A significant factor contributing to the publicity of PUBG is its compatibility with mobile phones. It is the first game of its kind which could be played on mobile phones. Couple of years back, or before PUBG, people used to play counter strike games on their personal computers and laptops.

Not everyone has a laptop or a PC, but almost every human being on this planet has a mobile phone. This mobile compatibility of PUBG has made it easily assessable anytime anywhere. Apart from its ability to be played on mobile phones, the game has various other features which make it addictive.The plot of PUBG is made highly addictive by its developers and designers. PUBG offers a number of options as compared to earlier counter strike games. A large map will keep you as well as the opponents constantly on run. Also, the area keeps on shrinking, to increase chances of a confrontation.

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There are various sophisticated weapons to choose from, and the graphics are as much real as they can get. Besides, there are a number of attires to choose from. The game puts you into almost a real life combat situation and makes you feel like a combat soldier. With the medics, weapons, vehicles scattered on the map you are constantly on run to survive. The constantly shrinking map area ensures that you didn’t get much time to relax.

Is it Right to blame PUBG ?

Well it is primarily not advisable to give mobile to children in school. However, parents provide them with the most advanced gadgets of this time and allow them to be a part of this large internet oriented society. It is the parents who should know what their kids are doing .If parents spend their time usefully with kids, then there will be no reasons for the kids to get addicted to this game .Instead will play for limited time only. Also the children committing suicides due to this game is a bitter lie,when speaking from developer point of view .

As the original reason behind is children are committing suicide because they got so addicted to the game but their parents are not allowing them to play the game. There is nothing more fulfilling and relaxing than spending time with your family. Parents should try to spend more and more time with their kids. Talk to them, listen to all that they have to say, indulge in activities you love doing together, help them with their tasks and see help them recover from the PUBG addiction.

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Parents should take it as their responsibility to identify the warning signs of PUBG addiction in their kids. They must help their kids get rid of it as quickly as possible instead of protesting on banning this game. It is known fact that every game developer and designer would always create games that are addictive .It is their degree of knowledge and marketing skills. We cannot simply ask to ban the game because one of our kids got addicted for it, due to the carelessness of parents and guardians.


A video game is developed purely for entertainment purposes, and under no circumstances should it be allowed to control our life or existence. Also, the children and teenagers must be encouraged for other activities like, indoor-outdoor games, book reading, drawing, science experiments etc.If at all somehow, one gets addicted; proper psychological support must be provided by family and friends, or even a medical professional when deemed necessary.


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