The 2020 year of Chandrayan-3 and Gaganyan

Indian Space Research Organization is one of the top 5 successful space organizations in the world. With lots of explorations and researches going on here, ISRO is one of the successful space research organizations with a budget of 1.5 billion dollars. India’s leading space organization is at number 5 in rankings backed up by a record of launching most rockets in a single mission. It is currently enrolled in its third mission to the moon followed by its hard-breaking failure in the second mission. However, India is not giving up its dream of conquering the moon. ISRO’s Chief Dr.Sivan officially announced India’s third space mission to the moon. This mission named Chandrayaan-3 is officially approved by the government. Dr.Sivan also added that this mission will be launched in 2021.

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Dr.Sivan said that the configuration of Chandrayan-3 is much similar to its predecessor Chandrayan-2. This makes it clear that the 3 versions will also have a Lander and a propulsion module. In a press conference, the ISRO chief clearly stated that this mission will not affect the workflow of other projects planned to be executed in the academic year 2020-21. He also openly said that ISRO plans to launch at least 25 satellites this year.

He also spoke about landing locations of Chandrayan-3 stating that it will be the same as that of Chandrayan-2. Earlier, it was just minutes, when the Lander lost communication and mission failed at 98% success rate. It was later said that the lander crashed on to the moon’s surface. He also spoke frankly on the budget of India’s third mission to the moon. He said that the third lunar mission would cost much more than 250 crores. It is to be noted that the cost of Chandrayan-2 is estimated to be Rs.960 crores.

Dr.Sivan also gave updates on the Gaganyan project, which is India’s first crewed orbital spacecraft. It is said that the Gaganyan project is also being worked in parallel to the Chandrayan-3 project. It is planned in such a way that at least three astronauts will be sent to space through this spacecraft for a minimum of seven days. This project is a part of the prestigious Indian Human Space flight Program. , Dr.Sivan said that it has two modules, namely service module, and crew module, collectively called an Orbital module.

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He also spoke about the possible reasons for the Chandrayan-2 failure due to the crashing of Vikram lander. He said that the initial stages were under the control, yet in the second stage, the velocity of the lander was not reduced. This led to the lander getting out of control and in the way turning out to be a hard-breaking failure. It is a known fact that the Chandrayan-2’s Vikram lander was planned to be launched on the near side of the moon, called the Polar region. It was planned to conduct experiments on the lunar surface that was left unexplored by any of the space organizations.

However, it was extremely unfortunate that the Vikram lander deviated from its calculated intended trajectory path causing loss of signal and communication cut down. Union Minister Jitendra Singh also confirmed the third mission to the lunar surface. He said that India will launch Chandrayan-3 in this year. He also added that the cost of this mission will be very much less than the previous mission. He also added that it was unfair to call this mission failure as no developed countries in the world could do so in their first attempt. He also said that it was a much-needed learning experience through which they could further improve on their performance. He also claimed that the US took several attempts to do what is India has failed for the very first attempt. He also acknowledged that it was due to the Chandrayan-2 mission that ISRO could reduce the cost of this mission 2020 plan. He also encouraged ISRO for other projects too.

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It is said that the new lander is planned to have stronger legs and is designed in that fashion. This will allow the spacecraft to withstand high velocity during the final stages of landing on the lunar surface. The launch dates are not yet announced it is believed to be November, as the deadline for this project. It is also confirmed that the Chandrayan-2 is in good condition and the recording instruments onboard are gathering sensor data useful for many climatic and geological analysis of the moon.

It can be concluded that ISRO, is rocking the world with its amazing space discoveries and exploration missions. Thanks to Dr.Sivan, the Chief of ISRO, for making this happen. It is believed that 2020 is the year of ISRO.  With numerous missions and spacecraft to explore the depths of space, ISRO is doing wonders and obviously in the race with other top organizations. Thanks to Gaganyan and Chandrayan-3 missions, whose success will make ISRO a prime contender for best Space research organizations. Prime Minister Modi once stated in a press conference of his dream of India wanting to be a ‘space superpower’. This year can be the best for India’s space research programs.


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