New Rules of IPL 2020 – Shocking but True

The Indian Premier League is something that needs no introduction. It is one of the most anticipated T20 leagues in the cricketing World. Every passing year the craze over this incredible game of cricket happening in India is gaining more and more fans from all over the world.  Having so many fans has given the IPL the ability to be one of the talked about the topic throughout the year. This increase in popularity puts the BCCI in a critical place as they have to up their standards for the IPL every passing year. With one of the fiercest captions for India of all time, Mr Sourab Ganguly as the newly elected president of the BCCI things just got a little more exciting.

Having him run the show is something India had grown to love as they have produced some of the most beautiful and the proudest moment for Indian cricket over the years. Now as the BCCI president he lives up to his expectation. There some new rules and exciting new that the president gave us for the upcoming IPL 2020 which had a lot of heads turning towards it. Organizing the first IPL as the president of BCCI Sourab Ganguly has made some key changed that could possibly be the reason for the advancement of this league in world standards even more. Here are some need rules that the new president added for IPL 2020.

1. No ball to the third umpire

This first experimented during the India Vs West Indies that happened late last year.  This helps make sure that the on-field umpires have one less thing to worry about and concentrate on other factors of the game. This 3rd umpire no-ball decision is only for front foot and not for the other forms of no-ball. The on-field umpires still have to make the call for other no-ball deliveries.

2. Concussion substitution

This rule was introduced to make sure that the players are safe during the game. This rule was first introduced during the Ashes of 2019 where smith was replaced on the last day of the match when he got injured. This also happens during the India Vs Australia ODI on January 14, 2020, where K L Rahul kept the wickets when Rishab Pant got hit in the helmet with a smart ball from the Australian bowler. Considering the wellness of the players BCCI decided to introduce this rule in the IPL 2020.

Credits: The Indian Express

Ganguly cleared few more things that the fans were concerned about regarding this year’s IPL. There where talks about changing the time for the night matched but he cleared that there would not be any changes with the timing of the matches. He also stated that there will only be 5 doubleheaders throughout the tournament which will help avoid too much hassle during the tournament. He also gave the world confirmation about an all start T20 match that will happen 3 days prior to the actual inauguration of the tournament. This match will also be a fundraiser where all the money raised will be given to a charity. The charity and venue for this event have been finalized as there are many in choice but will be one of the most exciting matches of the tournament. To have all the starts from around the world play in the same ground is something that the IPL fans can get hyped about.

Why should we be excited?

With so much great news for the fans to be excited about, there is no doubt that this year’s IPL is going to be one of the most interesting seasons of all time. Added with the new rules it will also be the fairest and safest game of cricket in the IPL. IPL 2020 being the last year of the season where the players of all teams are all set from the previous year’s auction is something that most of the fans are eager to watch. At the end of the tournament, all teams have to leave out all their players except for 3 players from this year’s side. This means that every team has to plan a strategy and get a new team for the years to come, making next year’s auction a mega auction. There are also rumours of adding to more teams to the league as too much investor are trying to be a part of this incredible league and the fans are too excited for that as well. If everything goes well for the league IPL will just get bigger and better with the years to come.


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